Sunday, December 4, 2011

If you dream of running 100 miles some day, or are fascinated with the thought of it, or if you run ultras and your dream-race is Western States, come to the TATUR Christmas party Tuesday December 13th at 7:00, and stay around to watch a private screening of the movie "Unbreakable - The Western States 100 Story".

The cost to watch the movie is $8 per person.

Four of the greatest undefeated mountain runners on earth toed the starting line at the Western States 100-mile endurance run, the oldest and most prestigious 100-mile foot race in the world

'Unbreakable: The Western States 100' follows the four lead men on this amazing journey. Hal Koerner, two time defending Western States champion, and running store entrepreneur from Ashland, Oregon. Geoff Roes, undefeated at the 100-mile distance, an organic chef from Juneau, Alaska. Anton Krupicka, undefeated in every ultramarathon he has ever started, a graduate student living in Boulder, Colorado. Kilian Jornet, the young mountain runner and two time Ultra-trail du Mont-Blanc champion, from Spain.

The ultimate award, bling beyond compare, is the silver buckle at WS100. All finishers under 30 hours get a buckle, but finishers coming in under 24 hours get the silver.In 2006, this was on my radar. I toed the line at WS100, and started with a sinus infection and a fever. That, coupled with me being a middle-age under-trained slightly overweight fart, netted me a DNF at mile 16. I was the first one pulled, but was ahead of a couple of runners who were later also pulled at mile 16. Still, I dream of going back. This is what dreams are made of.

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