Thursday, December 29, 2011

I read all the time--few books, but lots of magazines and online articles--mostly about running, but sometimes about photography (and of course for me, photography is strongly related to trail running. :-P) Trail running is growing incredibly--no surprise, as it's just so darn fun! One thing I read often though, is the lament that "There are no trailz close to where we live." But I say, trailz are where you find them. I have a trail radar, and while I'm about town and country in my job, I have my sniffer on alert for new places to run.Yesterday, between Bixby and Jenks, I saw this dirt road leading off toward the west bank of the Arkansas River. There were no "Posted" signs, although I have certainly been known to ignore such signage.
Deep blue skies and barren trees were on display. A day like this yields crisp clear pix.
Dirt (or muddy) roads like this are as good as single track trailz--call them "double track."
A headache in the making. This was a fun half mile hike. This is not a destination outing here, but now I know. Sometimes places like this turn out to be such awesome places to run and explore.
The highlight of the trip was this small structure--a hobbit's house, I'd say. The door was locked, and I knocked but no one answered.

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