Friday, December 23, 2011

I had 30ish minutes to kill this morning, so I checked out an old railroad bridge a few miles from my job site.It has been maybe 20 years since a locomotive ran the Union Pacific rails between Bixby and Haskell, and much of the levee has been leveled and reclaimed by landowners.Another bridge closer to Bixby (Snake Creek, I believe) was demolished several years ago, but this one near the Tulsa/Wagoner County line is still standing.Of course, the steel rails are gone, but the trusses are still in fair shape.Not at all sure what the name of this creek is--it's not even on Google Maps.I doubt I'll do a session of bridge repeats here any time soon, unless I have a death wish!This was about a 30 inch step--nothing that was not doable, but careful footing was employed none-the-less. My Canon has a strap that I ALWAYS have around my wrist. I did not have my camera though, and my iPhone has no strap. Careful footing, and handling!!!This was a 6' jump--of course I walked across on the steel beam.Once across, I continued down the "trail" for around a 1/4 mile +/-. This would be an awesome run, if the trail continued on for a few miles, but it enters private land a little further up as in passes through the Stone Bluff area.I turned back, having blown my 30 minutes pleasurably.I'll go back soon to see exactly how far I can go with an out-and-back. 4 miles and it'd be worth the drive.Remembering my friend Yogi's pic of the sky taken below some playground equipment , I took one from a similar vantage point.These old bridges were built to last forever. It's the wood in them that decays. The have strength but in an artistic sort of way--does that make sense?I heard years and years ago that there was a movement to make this a pedestrian/bike trail. Merle haggard, the country western singer, had something to do with it as I recall. Nothing was ever done though. Oklahoma messed up by not developing these trailz, and the abandoned railway that runs from Skiatook to Barnsdall. These could have been fantastic trail systems.And finally, a peek at the mighty Arkansas River. It actually has water flowing, which is unusual considering the drought we've had for the last year. So, I burned my 30ish 45ish minutes, and got a junk mile with pics in the books.

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