Wednesday, January 30, 2008

sights seen on today's run

Started from here.After a couple hill repeats, headed down the west side on the new trail. I crossed the railroad bridge near 31st street.Then north on the trail that you're not supposed to run on yet. (don't tell!)

Any color you want, as long as it is PINK!Across the river where the Channels developement will never be.Then crossed 11th street and ran the west trail all the way back to Turkey Mountain.Tulsa, the city on the water.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Night Run

Had a fast 8.5 miles with none other than Tatur Uno himself. Mr. Uno always sandbags, telling tales of not having ran much since last month, and lets on like I might have to carry him, or call an ambulance for him. But the truth is, he is much more like this....Mr. Uno has ran 80 races of marathon distance or more in his old age, including 30 last year alone. Rumor has it he plans on an easy 20 this year and making his 100th the Mother Road 100. What a show-off!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Late January--it's time to start training

Once upon a time, I was many pounds lighter, capable of running 20:37 5Ks, 74 minute Tulsa Runs, and sub 4 hour marathons.Yes, once upon a time, the Zombie ran with the Kenyans. That's me, just to the left of the Kenyan team, and just behind the dude in the red singlet.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It was good to see the sun today. My inner being needs that.Amazing how a great sunset can sooth my psyche.

Monday, January 21, 2008


This is what monday brings. The sun takes a day off. Rain taunts me every time I peer out of my cave.
If only that harmless looking yet annoying cloud cover would drift off to the east, all would be well.

Hang in there, T Z. Slightly better weather is around the corner.

One more day of this. Lifeless trees drink in what the sky provides, trusting to be rain, not ice.

And yet there are those braver than me, who see the cold winter rain as a fun diversion.

Umbrellas are toys that are the most fun in the rain

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

For the past two days, I have had awesome runs. Both days, my right leg protested a little....not an injury, just maybe a minor case of shin splints. But after 3-4 miles of showing it who was boss, everything fell into place and running became more like flying. Four miles turned into eight before I even knew what was happening.
I always get a great buzz after a run like that. But I am always quite dehydrated.Time to refuel! Nothing beats good food and a good beer after a good hard run.It's kind of like the perfect tri-fecta. Throw in the company of my lovely wife, and life is good!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Come to Turkey Mountain SATURDAY MARCH 8 for the....

This will be a timed run all on nice easy single track trails on the western portion of Turkey mountain.
The run will start at 9:00 am, and run until 3:00 pm. The course will run west from the upper parking lot following some of the trails used in the Turkey and TATURs race, then north onto the Snake Trail. These are some of the flattest and easiest trail on the mountain. We also have taken great pains to remove all of the larger snakes from the course.(Actually, the snake trail gets its name because it winds around like a snake, not because of an infestation of slithery reptiles!) You will run approximately 2 miles out, and then return and run the trail in reverse to the start/finish area. There will be 2 aid stations, one at the start finish area at the upper parking lot, and one at the turnaround. You can run one out and back, run until you complete a marathon, a half, or a 50K if you're real fast. All starters will receive a long sleeve T-shirt with our TATUR mascot being hotly pursued by a vicious viper!
There will be a 1/4 mile out and back to be ran by choice during the last hour for those not able to complete a full 4 mile out-and-back circuit. The winner is the one who runs for 6 hours and covers the most miles.
The entry fee is $20, which includes the shirt, and 2 awesome buffets of trail food and drinks.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


This year, I want to improve in my race times. There are a half-a-dozen competitors I would like to beat this year.This rival pictured below has threatened my life after I kicked him of the trail during a race last summer!
Rumor has it these two have heard that I have dropped into their league and plan to humiliate me in a 5K this year.But I think I can handle them. (gotta salt shaker?)

Haven't seen this guy in a race yet, but as slow as I have gotten, Mr. Sloth may be running me down.
Another slow-bee I would like to beat this year is none other than....

Monday, January 7, 2008

Athens Big Fork

Just a few notes about this past weekends run. Brian, Randy Ellis, and I went to Mena to run the 10th Athens/Big Fork Marathon.It is without a doubt the hardest trail race I have done. There are 8 mountains you cross over going out, and then you get to climb them again on the way back. The first and last 2.6 miles are on gravel roads, the last .6 miles half way into it at the turnaround are on gravel roads, and there are maybe 2 miles of fairly flat sections along the way along streams.That leaves about 8 miles out and 8 miles back of technical single track that is either severely uphill or downhill. It was in the low 50s for the start of the race and warmed up a little right near the end. It was misty and foggy all day, and had an eeiriness to it which had its own intrigue.Some of the downhills are too steep to run, and some of the uphills are so steep all I could do is walk 40 steps, grab a tree, huff and puff, and repeat.
I was moving at my usual pace (slow) and was so far out of the mid-to-back of the pack that I opted to drop down to the 17 mile fun run. This meant I got to skip 6 mountains and only deal with 10.I ended up finishing in 5:44:30, and got to visit with all the fast horses some of whom finished 26.2 before I finished my measly 17. The good thing about me doing the shorter distance was that we got home at least 3 hours earlier than we would have otherwise. Randy finished the whole race plus a few accidental extra miles about an hour after me. Brian slept all day while manning an aid station. He had the audacity later to tell us how tired he was!!
This is a race I will always do, but I am not sure why. I guess if I can do it, I know for sure that I am not dead, but maybe right next to it.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Quietly the sun excuses itself, slipping away, leaving darkness to reign for a time. I have been here before, thousands of times, my mind, numb, maybe dizzy from the world spinning. Memories visit, then pass....all the things that should have been jab and jeer at all the things that were, and then file away back to their place.

I look ahead to the stockpile of tomorrows and realize it is a shorter stack every day....a once tall mound of old magazines--all have been read before, and they are thrown out one by one.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How bout a quick swim??

Notice the swimmer in the far right. Please ignore the sexy bod in the pink flowery swimsuit!! More pics from this years swim later!!
The above picture was from last years Polar Bear Plunge. This year, it was colder, with MUCH colder water!! Also, this year the water was deeper, and the crazy promoters of the event included a 300 yard scramble along with the submergence as requirements. BRRR!! 

Twenty or so brave peeps shivered awaiting their fate....a quick dip in the Arkansas River. 
Fortunately the sun was shining. 

Unfortunately, the north wind was howling at about 30 mph! I am sure I set a personal record for the fastest water run as my whole body felt like I was being stabbed by needles, and when I climbed up onto the dock and trudged up the ramp, I could not even feel my feet. What FUN!!!!

My buddy Brian, who won the award for whiniest polar bear, was one of the first out of the water.

Double Shot provided good strong hot coffee, along with hot chocolate after the race. Someone brought chili and real authentic tamales, that were hot as well. Amazing!Awards were given for oldest, youngest, and fastest polar bears, along with best costume. I won the only award I had a shot at....and it wasn't for oldest!