Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Double Rainbow--whatever! What does THIS mean???

It was a good day for clouds. Some of the strangest shapes and varieties wisped their way across a Tulsa sky, and I took a few minutes to take them in.My phone has a basic camera that was included, and I paid a whopping $4.99 to download another camera which actually is quite good--for a camera-phone. The above picture is with the basic camera.This was taken by the Camera Plus Pro. The pictures can actually be edited, the zoom works well, you can adjust for different lighting, and best of all, it has an anti-shake feature. It seems to take a lot sharper pix, and given the probs I am having with my new Olympus, I seem to be using all three equally. Nice clouds, huh?Could not help but notice the face in the clouds. Seems like maybe an angel watching from above?? Hmmmmm.....What does in MEAN????

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

from this morning's run

I was up before the sun this morning--a rare feat for someone who is not a morning person!A sunrise pic that could easliy pass for a sunset pic.

I took a route I had never ran before. Nothing magical or earth shattering, no Eldridge sightings, although I was looking.Seems like a bridge might be a good place to live--if you're Eldridge.

An angle of Turkey Mountain you might not have seen.

Running on the wrong side of the tracks!!

Near the end of my run, I ran this hill.This is a long uphill grind, but funny how this picture looks like a downhill shot. Hmmm....

Finished with 4.2 miles in just a little over 45 minutes, with stops for pics.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Too much playin', not enough runnin'

It was raining, the trails were no doubt a little muddy, but the patter of raindrops on a decaying canopy of leaves were enough of a lure to get us to our trails.Fall colors are getting better all the time even though the dry spell we had put a bit of a damper on the splendor. The rustle of the late October wind through the scrub oaks of the hills was music--if you stopped to listen.For a brief period, I ran fast.
But having my camera with me, and the fact that I ran last night, I decided to take the time the day seemed to ask of me.I looked for colors, I looked for angles I had never seen before. This is on the yellow trail, from a reptiles perspective.There are hundreds, maybe thousands of eyes watching you on the mountain. You just have to find them.Moving along, I put my camera back in my pocket--but just for a while.An ancient tombstone just off the trail. There are many. Tread lightly!I'm always looking for eyes and faces. This one creeps me out!! This is not too far from the Oklahoma rock.

Looking forward to running tomorrow morning--so good night for now.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Often when I run, I ponder life--I try to solve problems while mindlessly pounding the trails. Sometimes, in return, nature gives me something to ponder. Like this--I have to wonder--is it a sign?

At other times, rather than the signs being from above, they are man-made.

What is to be made of this?

Tonight, I am more confused than ever. I just don't know....

What does it mean???

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


As another October sun dipped in the western sky and a near full moon debuted in the east, I heard the call of the trail.

"Come, come to me," it beckoned. "I have turns and bends to show you again. Moon shadows decorate the way, and there's a view of the skyline you've never seen. Come and play."

But I let the evening pass, and ignored my friend's call. A moment of rediscovery is gone. Passed away.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Midweek runs

Tuesday and Wednesday nights, a few friends and I have been running 4-5 miles on the trails at Turkey Mountain.We've been losing daylight, and as soon as the time changes to standard daylight time (GRRR!) we'll just have to run on pavement. (I actually love running the trails with my headlamp, but I have not gotten my friends as enthused about that as I amMitch, Me, Arena, and Lisa got a little over 4 miles in. Usually we have a few others--Jesse, Mark, Brandon, Cameron to name a few.
Mitch is always the first one there. Mark's two sons Brandon and Cameron are a couple of rabbits, and we sometimes let them blaze the trail for us.
We go at a very easy pace, taking walk breaks as needed. Still, running the ups and downs at Turkey is a great workout!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fun in the Ouachitas

We needed a getaway. Last week was a hectic week--a good week for me in my job, and a stressful week for Dana. I had reasons for going to the Ouachitas and I tried at the last minute (Thursday afternoon) to book a 1. a cabin in the woods near Talahina, or 2. a bed and breakfast in the same area, or 3. a seedy motel room in the same area. It's deer hunting season in these here parts, and every hopeful hunter who was not roughing it would be camping out in the nearby motel rooms in God's country. But, I lucked out!! The Pine Valley Cabins happened to have an opening for Friday, Saturday, and even Sunday night if I wanted it. I did!! So, Friday, after a long day at the office, working feverishly (actually, I was on the golf course!) we headed out of town around 8:30 pm for a 3+ hour drive to a small cabin near a town I had never heard of (Muse, which did not have even a store or post office, and if it was a "wide spot in the road", I missed the wide spot), and hoped to find this cabin in the dark. We did find it, thanks in no way to our GPS, but rather to the simple directions to Sandy, the proprietor of Pine Valley. We were greeted by distant barkings and howlings of coon dogs that echoed in the wooded hollow. The cabin was new--it smelled new, it was clean, well decorated, and was a hunter's trophy case. We unpacked, and hit the hay. I was wiped out but was ready to slip into relax-mode. I slept a little late, and instead of hitting the trails early, we had a leisurely breakfast, and planned our day of running--this day we'd run the Billy Creek Trail.We had a gracious host, Miss Coco. She helped out with the dishes, with disposing of any leftover food we had, and she also kept all the wild animals--bears, wild boars, and mountain lions away from our cabin during the night. She also kept our laps warm when we sat around the campfire the next night.

I had bought a few trail maps and they were very detailed, and I had no doubt we could find the trail head and navigate our loop with no problem. However, we did have a little trouble finding the trail, and burned about an hour and had just about decided to try the Horse Thief Trail instead, but almost by accident, we stumbled onto the signage we were looking for.The first 2-3 miles of our loop was a climb. The first 1/2 mile of that climb was heavily overgrown. This trail does not see a lot of traffic, but was well marked with yellow blazes.This area is know for amazing foliage in the fall. We might have been a week or two early for the optimum colors, but it was still nice.Plus, we had bright blue skies and mild temps--maybe 80 degrees at the warmest.On the way to the top, the trail utilized part of a logging road. This made the climb a lot easier, but it was a bit warmer in the sun. We were both wearing our Nathan Packs, and carrying 2 water bottles.Near the top, the single track was a little more defined and was quite runnable.We went by a couple of intersections--just wanted to be sure we were heading the right way.
Nice smooth running--a stretch with fewer rocks!! Dana likes it!Steep rocky downhills--Dana likes it NOT!She's not too keen on the rocky technical uphills either.Another mountain, another day.

We finished our run with 6 miles on the dot, although we did not take the trail all the way to the top of the Talimena Drive since we were semi-concerned about getting out by dark. (I was more concerned about getting back to the cabin in time to charcoal a couple of rib-eyes.)

Day 2: We got up a little earlier, and Dana made omelets. We paid our cabin fees, and I visited with the owner. What a life, to run a cabin rental like this. Hmmm.... Although she said we could have stayed as long as we wanted--even til the evening, we decided to pack up and head back towards home, and stop at Cedar Lake.This is the top half of the map pictured at the top of this post. The Horse Thief Trail begins at Cedar Lake. I have ran this trail before, and it is a good one. It is, however, a 14 mile round trip, with no way to abbreviate it. So, we decided to run the perimeter trail around Cedar Lake--a 3 mile journey. I had never ran this trail, and I am certain this is my favorite "short" trail!This was an easier trail--a few rocky sections, a few rooty sections, a few short climbs, lots of pine needles, and postcard pretty views of this awesome lake.This was a picture-taker's delight. A trail-runner's delight too!
Mr. Sun was with us today. Tall pines reach high to greet him.Our mountain from yesterday. We were very close to the peak.
Roots. These will trip you quicker than rocks. Brings back memories of Sunmart and Rocky Raccoon.You have to respect these roots. Here's one just waiting to bite someone!!Like Rocky Raccoon, there are a few wooden bridges over the swampy areas.Most of the trail was runnable. This would be the perfect place for a trail 5K.
I had mentioned rocks, roots, pine needles, pint trees, bridges....did I mention the Everglades?Or the Jungle? This trail has it all.We finished our run--just a little under 3 miles--and made ourselves a picnic lunch and ate under the whirring pines. I could live there. I did live there.It's a sure thing--we'll be back.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Case in point

The words in the previous post are me dealing with days running together and the fact that sometimes I don't even know what day it is. Call it being busy, call it senility, I'm not sure.
This morning I was up early to go to a 7:00 am TATUR meeting. I did a search on my iPhone to make sure of the location and despite getting stuck in traffic, I was 5 minutes early. After I finished my bagel and coffee and nobody else had shown, I did another email search to see if possibly the location had been changed. That's when I read the original email and saw that the meeting was in THREE WEEKS!!!

So, I went for a short run. Here's a few pix from my outing.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A nail fell out of the wall today
And the calendar fell to the floor
Two old rusty staples gave up hope
And the months scattered about
I picked them up and tried to put them in order
But the days slid off and rolled under the stove
All the weekends were broken or missing
But the Mondays somehow stuck to the pages
Like old gum to a shoe tread

I poured my coffee and pondered my life
Found a two or three days to paste in order
It was October, if I remember right
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