Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This afternoon, I took off for a few miles and scouting for the route for the Barkley Book Fair night run. This involved a little bush whacking, some serious climbing, and maybe some possible trail cutting. I took the precaution of spraying my legs liberally with Deep Woods Off. My journey began on the powerline trail.I stopped to get a pic of what is left of our beloved TATUR rescue vehicle. Such a shame that a noble landmark was destroyed!!
The next hour or so were in areas that are top secret. Just suffice to say that there were quite a bit of ups and downs, and no bunny trails.
I did happen upon some nice freshly dumped trash. Isn't this a nice addition to our Turkey Mountain?I did pick up 10 hitchhikers along the way. Get this....11 ticks yesterday, and 10 today....even with my legs sprayed down with Off! These critters were adamant about their hi-jac.
With all my blood being sucked out, I was busy re-hydrating.
The clouds cleared out right before sunset, but I did manage a so-so pic.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesdays I run with the RunnersWorld group on the paved bike trails on the river. But today, I got through with work a little early and decided to get a few quick miles in on Turkey Mountain before heading to the 5:30 group run. It had rained big time last night, and I knew there would be plenty of waterfalls flowing, so I took my camera. (Don't I always?) This pic turned out a little blurry, but I posted it to show the conditions of the trails. No, that's not a creek. Think wet feet

I took trails that ran along streams, many of which formed ponds in the valley areas
of my playground. Had I been out in the morning, this stream would have looked like white water rapids.

Not sure what these tracks are....maybe a big cat? They were about 3 inches wide and maybe 4 inches long.Another pond built by Beaver Construction.
In the picture below, notice the tree laying sideways across the stream. I was hanging on to that tree reaching out to snap a pic of the gurgling water, when the tree laid over!Now let's back up 30 seconds. This is me accidentally photographing myself falling into the creek!Fortunately my Olympus camera is shock proof and water proof.

Finally, I made it to the waterfall that I really wanted to see. This one you can hear long before you see it. For Tulsa's urban wilderness, this is pretty cool.I totaled eleven (11) ticks today. It was enough to make me think again about using some DEET, although I hate the stuff. Ruined many pairs of socks with it.
I was late getting across the river to run with the training group, but I did get in a few miles. For a report, go to the RunnersWorld-Tulsa Blog.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday morning run

Today, I ran an easy 4 on Turkey Mountain. Thought about bringing my dog, but I was lazy or maybe just tired. I wanted to take a few pictures, and let my tired legs get the therapy of the trails. 11,000 steps on the trails, all a little different, to make my legs forget about the 5K yesterday with 7,000 identical steps on pavement. I ran on the east side of Turkey Mountain on the most technical trail for a little variety. It's amazing that bikes ride this trail.
I had one pass me along the way. I was glad to have him go ahead to knock down all the spider webs for me!!
Along the way, I met my former nemesis, whom I kicked off the trail and over a cliff last year in the Turkey and Taturs 50K so he would not humble me at the finish line.He was eager to get out of the way, but I told him not to sweat it as we were not racing today.

I ended up at the north end of the powerlines, and then headed back towards the parking lot. Three ticks for today, bringing the total to 19 for the year.
One of my biggest pet peeves is people who litter the trails, and especially broken glass.Maybe it happens like this....A couple punk kids are sitting around and one says, "Dude! What are you doing Saturday night?""I dunno, what'd you wanna do?"
"I know. Lets go up to Turkey Mountain and break some glass. I have a whole crapload of empty Keystone Light bottles in my old man's garage."
"Radical man. That'd be cool!"
"Bitchin, Dude, Bitchin!"

But this glass actually looked really old, like maybe it had been here for quite a while.Maybe the rains had washed the dirt away and this glass was re-emerging after being burried for many years. Maybe the conversation was more like this....A few country boys were sitting around and one says, "Say, Eli, what dost thou have planned for this sabbath day afternoon?""I am not certain, Jebediah. Pray tell what dost thou want to do?"
"I know....let us gather together some fruit jars from Brother Thaddeus' barn and carry them hence to the hill that rises from the west bank of the Arkansas. From there, we will carry these glass vessels and cast them upon the stones in the forest."
"I do not know if my Pa will approve of this activity, Brother Jebediah. I have my chores to attend to."
"I will come and help you finish with milking, and we can depart after we are through."
"Then I will go with thee."
"Bitchin, Dude, Bitchin!"

Friday, May 23, 2008

Last night, I was late for the RunnersWorld training run at 5:30, so I decided to head them off at the pass, so to speak. I parked at 41st which is about a mile into the run, and caught up with my friends. Just about the time I started running, I got a call from Roger, an old friend from way back. Seems he wanted to run with me, and I, always being one to grab a chance for a few more miles, jumped on the offer. I ran back to Runners World, abbreviating my run by a mile or so to meet him.I had ran with Roger about 3 years ago, before he lost 50 lbs or so. At that time, we ran at LaFortune, and I urged him to take it slow, but still, I think I pushed him a little too hard, and he only did 2 miles as I recall.

Since then, he has been hitting the gym, slaving on the treadmill, and running 4 miles at a time at a torrid pace. Pay-back was his this night. He had asked me how fast I usually ran, and I was thinking I would still be a little faster than he wanted to run, and I assured him I actually usually go slow. BUT, he was asking because he wanted to run some 7 minute miles. YIKES! We started out from the store at a super quick pace. I held on, but he slipped ahead, and after a mile, I was about a minute behind. We ran 3 miles, and I was whupped good by the end of my run. I drove on back to the store, while he ran the final mile there, all grins! I told him I was amazed at how much he has improved. I believe he could break 20 minutes in a 5K and I encouraged him to give it a try.

Later, Dana and I picked a good friend up at the airport, who flew home to surprise his wife with a weekend visit. Mike had called Diana on the way to his house, and acted as if he was calling from the east coast and pretended his cell phone was running out of juice, but not before telling her that he was having Dana and I deliver a package to their house. 
(At 11:30 pm??) We knocked on her door and told her to come out to the driveway to bring the package in. Of course the package was Mike.This guy is good, huh. He even had a dozen roses to go with his little joke. It's great to have him back for the weekend. We love you, Mike

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Run after work

After a day at work, an easy 3 miles at the river with Taylor's Titans, I still wanted to run. So Rocky and I hit the trails at Turkey Mountain.
We headed up the to the pond on the blue trail, so Rocky could get a swim in. After all, he is a du-athelete.He also is an expert in irrigation as well.We mainly stuck to easy trails, and from the Pepsi pond, headed up Jelly Legs trail to Rock City. From there, we took the Snake trail back home.Wild Flowers were in full bloom. Too pretty to pick!Collected 4 ticks today, bringing my total for the year to 16.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

buying gasoline

I filled up today, and noticed something amazing at the gas pump.I was on the phone, not paying too much attention to what I was doing at the pump. I took the gas snozzle and plugged it into my car before putting my credit card in. The numbers on the digital screen went to all zeros, and of course would not dispense any gas until I had swiped my card. But look at the digits!Apparently, these pumps are capable of dispensing and charging for gas purchases in excess of $1,000.00.

All the way home, I thought of what we may see in the coming years.Scary, huh? It's a great time to be a bicycle salesman!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dana and I have been running a lot at Riverside lately. Although she loves the trails and hates pavement, she is a little nervous about falling and further injuring her arm. The latest report is that her doctor gave her release to go back to work!! Here, Dana kicks it up a notch while doing the chicken-wing technique with her mending arm.

We have had picture-perfect weather this weekend. Would have been a great weekend for a long back-to-back run. I need to get at least one 30/30 run each month before my fall racing season. But this weekend, with the 5 mile with my aunt, working at RunnersWorld Friday and Saturday, yard work, garage cleaning, and napping, my weekend mileage totals were mild.

A few pics of our late afternoon, evening at Zink Lake.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

84 year old sets age group record!!

This morning I participated in the Aduddell 5 mile race. The Tulsa Running Club sponsors this race, and had offered $100 to anyone who broke an age group record. Now let it be known that I can't even ride my bike fast enough to beat the 45-49 year old speedsters, but I have an 84 year old aunt who walks for fitness and I was confident she could take the prize. See, no woman over the age of 70 had even ran this race in it's 39 year history.My aunt Katherine had started walking for fitness later in life, and routinely walks 2 miles per day. She had never entered a race, and was nervous about doing the event, but I assured her she would do fine. We mingled among the other 100 or so runners who toed the line on this picture perfect day.At 8:00 sharp, the gun sounded and away we went. My aunt and I walked, not fast, but not slow, starting out at about a 19 minute per mile pace. I think she was going out conservatively, as five miles was a bit longer than her usual daily walks. We hit the first mile in 19:39, and the second at 39:55. By this time, the leading runner had finished his run, tying the course record by finishing in 24:28. Amazing!My parents had walked out on the course to see us in action. We paused for a quick Kodak moment.My nephews John and Jeff ran, and of course finished way ahead of us, but came back to meet us and escort us in. All the way out on this out-and-back course, I reminded my aunt of how far we had come. Once we passed the turnaround, I begin telling her how close we were to the end. Once we were within a mile of the finish, she knew the finish was hers.
She received her first place medal which was on a key chain, and we sat around and ate bananas and re-hydrated ourselves. I appreciate the Tulsa Running Club for their patience, as we were about 30 minutes behind the previous finisher, but I think a 1:41 finish is pretty darn good for an 84 year old. They had saved us some snacks and cold water, for which we were grateful. The only disappointment was that the person writing the $100 award for her setting an age group record had left. The check's in the mail....I hope.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ask me about my granddogs

In the past week, I have visited my kids and in laws and also spent some time with my grand-dogs and dog-in-laws.

First, there was Cowboy, a dachshund puppy. Since he is a weenie-dog, I thought it would be funny to photograph him in a hot dog bun.Dixie, his older adopted sister smelled food and wanted some of the action.She ended up eating the bun, giving way to a few puns to bad to utter here.

Then we visited Hooch, a lovable boxer who plays a mean game of tug-of-war. He looks like he's been working out in the weight room. I outweigh him, but I'm pretty sure he could out-wrestle me.He's thinking, I'm not gonna eat all this....ya want some?

Then we visited my in laws and saw their new addition to the family. Dewey is a Cairn Terrier, and has enough energy to power a small city. Lots of wiggles and dog kisses were in store for us.

Of course, I have to show off my own dogs. Sad to say, we never got our Ginger back after she ran away. I hope where ever she is, she is OK. This picture is from a run back in February.
Jake is just getting the hang of trail running. He runs like the wind (just on the leash so far with me in tow) and after 2 miles, sits down. He definitely thinks he should get to go running every day though.

And then there's my favorite running buddy, Rocky. He and I have been down a lot of trails together. He's about 58 years old in dog-years, and not really liking ultra-distances these days, but a 3-6 mile run does him just fine.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

weekend stuff

Friday night, Dana went to a banquet put on by my parents church honoring mothers and daughters. I got to see my sisters who I have not seen for a few years which was cool. Other than that, I got to hang out and watch good food being eaten.

My youngest sister Karen. 

My middle sister Kaliah.

Me and my gorgeous niece Katie.

My Dad and I staying out of the way!


Seen in Downtown Bristow, Saturday.
What's a TATUR Twister???? 

One cool frog.Go to for a report on the 5K.