Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One streak ends. Another streak ends. A new one begins.

My 58 day running streak was halted a couple of days ago. I had ran 51 miles over the weekend, and was a little tired, but not at all beat up. There was an insanely busy day at the office, and another stressful distraction to deal with, and before I knew it, the day and night was gone. A new streak was born--how many consecutive days could I go without running? Day one was a given, Day two was pretty easy too, what with the mud, cold, and wind. I just did not feel like running, and knocked out Day two with ease. But day three was tough. The sun was out, and I got off work at 3:30. I got home and Jake met me at the door, and that was the end of my non-running streak.

See, Jake never bought into the non-running streak thing. How could you say no to a face like this? To avoid all the mud on Turkey Mountain, we headed to Lake Bixhoma. The road/trail that goes about 2/3 of the way around the lake is mostly gravel, with a little pavement.

Jake was excited, eager to help me with my speed work. I had other plans though. I always take a lot of pictures here. This lake nestled deep in the hills of south Tulsa county is a hidden gem and a photographers playground.

We took the western route first, and ran the gravel road all the way to the end.

We had the route all to ourselves, or so I thought. A pick-up was parked at the turnaround and pulled out just as we came into sight. Oh well?

Jake got a drink, and before I knew it, he had plowed in. The water was clean, but he still got a bath when he got home. He was starting to smell like Stink Dog. On the way back, we climbed the Ichabod Crane Trail, and possibly it has been extended. We went maybe a 1/4 mile and hit a dead end. At this rate, in 20 years, it may actually go somewhere.

We ran back and crossed the dam. This is a great place for a sunset picture, but I was a little early.

Following the road and then the trail all the way around the east side, I was encouraged to see that someone had cut about 200 more feet of trail southward around the lake. Someday, there MIGHT be a trail all the way around.

Coming back, this gate is where the pavement starts. The whoile south side of the lake is off limits to vehicles, but the way I read it, foot traffic is ok.

Here's out route thanks to Map My Run. My Garmin was dead. iPhone agrees with the mileage. We took 64 minutes to finish the run--not exactly speed work, but a good start to a running streak!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Old photographs

I was sifting through some old picture and found myself swirling away down memory lane. Pictures from the past are few and far between before digital cameras. I'd love to go back, if even to stand in the shadows with my trusty Canon.

This is my oldest son, Kenny. We called him Kenny3, as I am actually Kenny Jr. Kenneth Konrad Childress III. I am sure he dislikes Konrad as much as I do, although I profess to like it. But affectionately, he was called Pig. WHY?? Well, as a baby he was a fat little boy. Sometime or another while playing This Little Piggie, and seeing his cute little of fat, the name just stuck. Kenny3's brother still calls him Pig 30-some-odd years later.

This is Charly Tom, named after his great grandfather Charlz (yes that's how it's spelled) and his grandfather JR Thompson. Charlz Thompson Childress, and I do believe he likes his odd spelled name today.

Sassy is 14 years old now. She was barely more than a kitten in this picture, but today, she still likes to ride on my shoulders. This picture, taken in 1998 was before I was a runner. I liked pizza--a LOT--and had the belly to prove it. I had a lot more hair there.

This was taken in 2000. Charly is graduating--18 years old. Kenny3 is 20, and Jason is 16. These are three fine young men, and I'm proud of each of them.

This is Ken the runner, just before Lean Horse in 2005. This was before Dana was CrewBabe. This was before Trail Zombie or TaturCakes, and before TATUR. These were good times, but there were also good times ahead.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Post Oak Preview

I ran 10 miles at Post Oak Sunday. The big event(s)--the Post Oak Challenge is next weekend, with just about any distance you would want to run, and a double dose if you are extra ambitious. I ran solo and took my time, taking a dozen or so pix along the way.

This was taken on the descent of Hamburger Hill. Going down on the trail portion is steep and tricky when it's muddy. Going up is even tougher.

The thing about this trail is that there is a major switchback about halfway down (or up.) It's almost like you climb part of it twice. You really get your money's worth.

This year features a few miles of newer trail, some of which has been cut with heavy machinery, and some with Darryl's weed-eater.

Obviously, Darryl's weed-eater was not enough to cut this trail. I am wondering if there is gonna be a zip line through these clearings.

I stopped by Fred and Wilma's house. Fred and Barney were out bowling, and Wilma and Betty were heard in the distance yelling CHARGE IT!

The course is marked with multi-colored ribbons. Each color denotes the path of different distances. I think everyone must run through here.

And just ahead: Holmes Peak. This is the highest point in three counties.

Climbing the final 200 yards. I have ran this before several times, but I just did not have it today.

The views from the top are amazing.

Darryl has us going down the north side of Holmes Peak on some nice single track. The shady side of the mountain still had quite a bit of snow left over.

From there, I cut over to the trail west of the Botanical gardens. I lile this trail, which at times is simply a mowed path, but parts of it are quite rocky.

This is on the farthest northwest part of the course. This loop is wild and and scenic, with rocky creek crossings and a glimpse of what could be many miles of undiscovered north woods. From there, I took every turn and switchback towards the lodge, and then zigzagged back on both trails leading to the Pole Barn. Ten miles for the day, and there are five more miles out there I did not see. Good times ahead!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday morning TOTs

Here's a few pictures from out Sunday morning TOT (Training On Trailz) group. My photographer/trailrunner friend Maggie graciously donated her collection to our cause, so you are in for a treat.

We ran the LoChi trail, but not to the end. I promised a steep climb, but only the 4th steepest climb on the mountain. Before the end of LoChi there is a trail that goes up to HoChi, but at a more gradual ascent.

The first ones at the top got to catch a breather while watching the rest make the final climb.

Shorty gas a plethora of names to call me--none of them good. :-)

Running along the HoChi  always gives an awesome view of the river, but as you get further north, the aroma was out in full force.

Maggie and Venus charge right up the hill at the Spider. They get better on hills every week.

We took about a 5 minute break here before heading further west.

We took the high trail over Mooser Creek, then rounded Pepsi Pond and descended into the creek bottom.

Popping out on the Powerline trail for a minute, we tucked back into the woods on a trail I call Stormy's Trail. It has no name, but he always takes it when I've ran with his group.

Cruising through a couple of switchbacks.

We took another breather at Justin Beiber Pond. The distinguished man in the center is Bruce, who was running the first time with us. We finished up with 4 miles in a little over an hour. It was a great morning for some playtime in the woods.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

9 runs

Today, I ran semi long to start off, and then tacked on 8 more short runs. Sort of an off the wall way to tack on miles, and actually I did not get the total mileage I needed, but had fun, and I can run long tomorrow.

Group run with RunnersWorld. Ran with Bobby and Kathy. Mostly through neighborhoods, and a loop around LaFortune Park.
Tacked on some additional mileage--the same route out & added a bit of a bike trail along I-44.
Ate breakfast, went home and got Jake, and we came back to that bike path along I-44 and ran the entire distance. It sort of begins nowhere, and ends nowhere. So, I've been to nowhere and back.
This is Whiteside Park. It's mostly a chat path and we ran basically did a double loop.
Mudd Park?? Just west of Yale on 56th St. It's a short loop, but kinda pretty.
Manion Park by Nimitz Middle School. It's all chat, and a decent place for a short run. Jake took a dip in the creek.
81st and Yale. I don't know the name of this chat trail or pond, but it's a half mile around it and if you did not mind the endless loops, it would be a good place for a long run. 80 loops would be a good 40 miler--just sayin.
I thought I had another chat trail around a pond, but it ended up being a dead end. We did a little zig zagging to get down to a creek where Jake could swim again.
Hunter Park. There are paved bike paths that make a decent run. This also hooks up with the Creek Turnpike Trail. We ran to Sheridan to see if the trail was torn up due to the turnpike construction,, but it was not. It looks good toward Yale too. Jake spent about 10 minutes in the Biscuit Acres Dog Park. There were lots of friendly dogs and lots of butt sniffing. Jake decided to take a poo while in the park, so I got to clean it up. I ended up with 23.25 for the day, and jake had about 8.

The trail alongside I-44.
Whiteside Park.
Mudd Park on the northern part of the loop.
Manion Park. I would go back to run a few laps here. if I had to run on pavement.
This is the pond and trail at 81st and Yale.
This was a weird day of running, but kind of fun. I did not wear myself out at all. Jake thought we were a little crazy running those short loops and then loading back up in the car. Plus, he really likes real trailz better.

Tomorrow, I need at least 25 more miles. I am thinking about half on trails and half on hard stuff. Might do some wacky stuff too. Time for bed. Nite.