Monday, February 25, 2013

Post Oak Preview

I ran 10 miles at Post Oak Sunday. The big event(s)--the Post Oak Challenge is next weekend, with just about any distance you would want to run, and a double dose if you are extra ambitious. I ran solo and took my time, taking a dozen or so pix along the way.

This was taken on the descent of Hamburger Hill. Going down on the trail portion is steep and tricky when it's muddy. Going up is even tougher.

The thing about this trail is that there is a major switchback about halfway down (or up.) It's almost like you climb part of it twice. You really get your money's worth.

This year features a few miles of newer trail, some of which has been cut with heavy machinery, and some with Darryl's weed-eater.

Obviously, Darryl's weed-eater was not enough to cut this trail. I am wondering if there is gonna be a zip line through these clearings.

I stopped by Fred and Wilma's house. Fred and Barney were out bowling, and Wilma and Betty were heard in the distance yelling CHARGE IT!

The course is marked with multi-colored ribbons. Each color denotes the path of different distances. I think everyone must run through here.

And just ahead: Holmes Peak. This is the highest point in three counties.

Climbing the final 200 yards. I have ran this before several times, but I just did not have it today.

The views from the top are amazing.

Darryl has us going down the north side of Holmes Peak on some nice single track. The shady side of the mountain still had quite a bit of snow left over.

From there, I cut over to the trail west of the Botanical gardens. I lile this trail, which at times is simply a mowed path, but parts of it are quite rocky.

This is on the farthest northwest part of the course. This loop is wild and and scenic, with rocky creek crossings and a glimpse of what could be many miles of undiscovered north woods. From there, I took every turn and switchback towards the lodge, and then zigzagged back on both trails leading to the Pole Barn. Ten miles for the day, and there are five more miles out there I did not see. Good times ahead!

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