Friday, February 1, 2013

All my friends are in Texas, or way the heck south of Texas, or in Arkansas. Ok, I still have a few here.

I have a LOT of friends who are racing this weekend. Kathy Hoover, Roman Broyles, Derk and Barbara Pinkerton, and Deann Deatherge are in Costa Rica for the Coastal Challenge. This is a six day stage race covering ~150 miles. Click on this link and watch the video. It's amazing. I also have friends Russell Bennett, Stormy Phillips, Christy Davis, Edward Snow, Wes Rupell, Jeff and Amelia Elbert, Julie Dolph, Danielle Martin--who are running 100 miles, 50 miles, or pacing in the 100 miler at Rocky Raccoon in Huntsville TX. And then I have friends Kurt and Shelley Egli, and Cassy Russell who are doing a 55K at the White Rock Classic in Arkansas.

I'm staying home. But I will get in back to back long runs over the weekend. I better!

I had an out-of-town stop today and ended up in Claremore. I had an itch to do some geocaching, and found four rather quickly. I also needed to get a run in for my streak, and decided the Centennial Trail by Lake Oologah would be cool.
I thought I could get a nice four miler by doing the trail that ran the perimeter of the peninsula.

But after hopping from side to side on the muddy horse trailz, I turned back around.

So I crossed the lake and tried the Hawthorne Park area where there are 3 miles of rocky trailz. But they have imposed a $3.00 per car fee even if you're just driving in, and they had the road that led to the trail head barricaded. I blew that off, but still took a couple pics from the boat ramp area.

The views from this trail are breath-taking, but my pix were less so. Obviously, I tinkered with this one.

So, I consulted my geocache app to see what kind of caches were nearby, and noticed I was not far from Goose Island. I used to fish a lot at Oologah, but had never been there. I'm really not sure why I never checked it out?
There were no caches hidden here, but I thought it might be a good place to squeeze a run in.

I got there just as the sun was setting, and my trusty headlamp was at home. I snapped a couple of pics and headed out running.

There are a few miles of dirt roads accommodating hunters. Most are straight and boring, but as they near the shores, they wind around and the lakeside views are stunning! I ran through the woods, crashed through some briers, ran a little on the dirt roads, and then about a half mile on the rocky shores of the lake. Hopping and scrambling over rocks was a super workout.

I ran 1.5 miles and it was starting to get a little too dark to glide over the rocks. Wish I had more time. I am definitely going back soon to run the entire perimeter of the island, but I have a feeling that it better not be during hunting season.

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