Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Old photographs

I was sifting through some old picture and found myself swirling away down memory lane. Pictures from the past are few and far between before digital cameras. I'd love to go back, if even to stand in the shadows with my trusty Canon.

This is my oldest son, Kenny. We called him Kenny3, as I am actually Kenny Jr. Kenneth Konrad Childress III. I am sure he dislikes Konrad as much as I do, although I profess to like it. But affectionately, he was called Pig. WHY?? Well, as a baby he was a fat little boy. Sometime or another while playing This Little Piggie, and seeing his cute little of fat, the name just stuck. Kenny3's brother still calls him Pig 30-some-odd years later.

This is Charly Tom, named after his great grandfather Charlz (yes that's how it's spelled) and his grandfather JR Thompson. Charlz Thompson Childress, and I do believe he likes his odd spelled name today.

Sassy is 14 years old now. She was barely more than a kitten in this picture, but today, she still likes to ride on my shoulders. This picture, taken in 1998 was before I was a runner. I liked pizza--a LOT--and had the belly to prove it. I had a lot more hair there.

This was taken in 2000. Charly is graduating--18 years old. Kenny3 is 20, and Jason is 16. These are three fine young men, and I'm proud of each of them.

This is Ken the runner, just before Lean Horse in 2005. This was before Dana was CrewBabe. This was before Trail Zombie or TaturCakes, and before TATUR. These were good times, but there were also good times ahead.

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