Saturday, February 23, 2013

9 runs

Today, I ran semi long to start off, and then tacked on 8 more short runs. Sort of an off the wall way to tack on miles, and actually I did not get the total mileage I needed, but had fun, and I can run long tomorrow.

Group run with RunnersWorld. Ran with Bobby and Kathy. Mostly through neighborhoods, and a loop around LaFortune Park.
Tacked on some additional mileage--the same route out & added a bit of a bike trail along I-44.
Ate breakfast, went home and got Jake, and we came back to that bike path along I-44 and ran the entire distance. It sort of begins nowhere, and ends nowhere. So, I've been to nowhere and back.
This is Whiteside Park. It's mostly a chat path and we ran basically did a double loop.
Mudd Park?? Just west of Yale on 56th St. It's a short loop, but kinda pretty.
Manion Park by Nimitz Middle School. It's all chat, and a decent place for a short run. Jake took a dip in the creek.
81st and Yale. I don't know the name of this chat trail or pond, but it's a half mile around it and if you did not mind the endless loops, it would be a good place for a long run. 80 loops would be a good 40 miler--just sayin.
I thought I had another chat trail around a pond, but it ended up being a dead end. We did a little zig zagging to get down to a creek where Jake could swim again.
Hunter Park. There are paved bike paths that make a decent run. This also hooks up with the Creek Turnpike Trail. We ran to Sheridan to see if the trail was torn up due to the turnpike construction,, but it was not. It looks good toward Yale too. Jake spent about 10 minutes in the Biscuit Acres Dog Park. There were lots of friendly dogs and lots of butt sniffing. Jake decided to take a poo while in the park, so I got to clean it up. I ended up with 23.25 for the day, and jake had about 8.

The trail alongside I-44.
Whiteside Park.
Mudd Park on the northern part of the loop.
Manion Park. I would go back to run a few laps here. if I had to run on pavement.
This is the pond and trail at 81st and Yale.
This was a weird day of running, but kind of fun. I did not wear myself out at all. Jake thought we were a little crazy running those short loops and then loading back up in the car. Plus, he really likes real trailz better.

Tomorrow, I need at least 25 more miles. I am thinking about half on trails and half on hard stuff. Might do some wacky stuff too. Time for bed. Nite.

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