Sunday, February 3, 2013

Photos of this mornings run, by a guest photographer

There was a huge group for the TOTs run this morning. The usual division resulted in two large groups, with mine having 21 or 22. Three separated early on choosing to hike rather than run slowly. Maggie, who takes awesome pictures was in the parking lot just ahead of the sun and caught it in the very act of popping up over by the City of Faith buildings.

My plan was to check out some of the newer trailz that have developed in the past few weeks, and to see a couple of cool sites I've recently found on the mountain. This picture is on one of our climbs, and unless Maggie protests, might be used for my Facebook header.

Once we'd descended on a new rocky switchback trail near Rock City, we headed for Pepsi Bridge and a little bush-whacking.

I could swear there used to be a trail that led alongside Mooser Creek all the way to the railroad tracks--but I must be nistaken. The brier-covered bottom land ends where the creek runs right against some tall bluffs. The only way further east is through the creek or straight up the side of the bluff.

This is a beautiful pic of a pool in the creek and a small low-water dam. I had taken a couple of pix here earlier in the week, but they look better with people in them. Plus, Maggie has a cool camera app, or enjoys enhancing contrasts and colors like I do. Love the pic.

We returned almost the same we way we came, with a small detour to visit the ruins I had mentioned in a previous post--you know--the one where I have promised some interesting details. Those are forthcoming--I promise!
We decided to head home via Lipbuster. I was near the front of the group, and on flat ground when I stubbed my toe on a rock, and fell face forward. I planted my water bottle, tucked my head, and rolled with such force that I bounced right back up on my feet and never slowed down! It was actually a FUN FALL!

Finally, since Maggie is always on the other side of the camera, I swiped this from her Facebook wall. She did not want her picture take, threatening picture wars, but she must like this one as it's her profile picture. She can be a guest photographer anytime.

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