Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One streak ends. Another streak ends. A new one begins.

My 58 day running streak was halted a couple of days ago. I had ran 51 miles over the weekend, and was a little tired, but not at all beat up. There was an insanely busy day at the office, and another stressful distraction to deal with, and before I knew it, the day and night was gone. A new streak was born--how many consecutive days could I go without running? Day one was a given, Day two was pretty easy too, what with the mud, cold, and wind. I just did not feel like running, and knocked out Day two with ease. But day three was tough. The sun was out, and I got off work at 3:30. I got home and Jake met me at the door, and that was the end of my non-running streak.

See, Jake never bought into the non-running streak thing. How could you say no to a face like this? To avoid all the mud on Turkey Mountain, we headed to Lake Bixhoma. The road/trail that goes about 2/3 of the way around the lake is mostly gravel, with a little pavement.

Jake was excited, eager to help me with my speed work. I had other plans though. I always take a lot of pictures here. This lake nestled deep in the hills of south Tulsa county is a hidden gem and a photographers playground.

We took the western route first, and ran the gravel road all the way to the end.

We had the route all to ourselves, or so I thought. A pick-up was parked at the turnaround and pulled out just as we came into sight. Oh well?

Jake got a drink, and before I knew it, he had plowed in. The water was clean, but he still got a bath when he got home. He was starting to smell like Stink Dog. On the way back, we climbed the Ichabod Crane Trail, and possibly it has been extended. We went maybe a 1/4 mile and hit a dead end. At this rate, in 20 years, it may actually go somewhere.

We ran back and crossed the dam. This is a great place for a sunset picture, but I was a little early.

Following the road and then the trail all the way around the east side, I was encouraged to see that someone had cut about 200 more feet of trail southward around the lake. Someday, there MIGHT be a trail all the way around.

Coming back, this gate is where the pavement starts. The whoile south side of the lake is off limits to vehicles, but the way I read it, foot traffic is ok.

Here's out route thanks to Map My Run. My Garmin was dead. iPhone agrees with the mileage. We took 64 minutes to finish the run--not exactly speed work, but a good start to a running streak!!

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