Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday morning TOTs

Here's a few pictures from out Sunday morning TOT (Training On Trailz) group. My photographer/trailrunner friend Maggie graciously donated her collection to our cause, so you are in for a treat.

We ran the LoChi trail, but not to the end. I promised a steep climb, but only the 4th steepest climb on the mountain. Before the end of LoChi there is a trail that goes up to HoChi, but at a more gradual ascent.

The first ones at the top got to catch a breather while watching the rest make the final climb.

Shorty gas a plethora of names to call me--none of them good. :-)

Running along the HoChi  always gives an awesome view of the river, but as you get further north, the aroma was out in full force.

Maggie and Venus charge right up the hill at the Spider. They get better on hills every week.

We took about a 5 minute break here before heading further west.

We took the high trail over Mooser Creek, then rounded Pepsi Pond and descended into the creek bottom.

Popping out on the Powerline trail for a minute, we tucked back into the woods on a trail I call Stormy's Trail. It has no name, but he always takes it when I've ran with his group.

Cruising through a couple of switchbacks.

We took another breather at Justin Beiber Pond. The distinguished man in the center is Bruce, who was running the first time with us. We finished up with 4 miles in a little over an hour. It was a great morning for some playtime in the woods.

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