Monday, February 4, 2013

More things you did not know were on Turkey Mountain

There is an end to posts like these--this might be the last one unless I go underground or underwater.
Did you know there is another homeless camper on TM? Here's his clothes and other belongings, mattress, covers, and firewood. This is recent stuff. I bet he has his fire going right now.

Everyone knows the most famous landmark on Turkey Mountain--the Old Washing Machine (which is actually a dryer.)
But do you know where the OTHER washing machine is?

Not far from the other washing machine is Turkey Mountain's only pay phone.

Ok, enough of the ugly stuff. This is Turkey Mountain's most unknown pond. Jake wanted to swim here, and I would not let him. But while I was taking pictures, he got into the mud. As I type, he is drying off from a nice bath.

Finally, Turkey Mountains scariest tree. If I have enough interest, we'll do a Tuesday Night Crawler tour.

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