Thursday, February 14, 2013

Griping, and being loved on by a cat


I am not to happy with changes the Blogspot platform has crammed down our throats.  Picture posting is radically different, and I am an "old dog hates new tricks" sort of guy.

On a lighter note, the building superintendent where I work needed some lap time. Hector eats, knocks the clutter off my desk, mushes, and flosses his teeth on the back of my hair.

But back to bitching. I usually post using HTML, but all I can post using that format is small pictures set to the left. In Compose, I can set left, right, or center, and choose between small, medium, large, X-large, and original size. The large cat on the large man is posted as a large pic.
This is a medium pic, centered. Hector is digging in, inching around to the back of my neck to rid his teeth of the last few morsels of Meow Mix Seafood Delight.
This is Large, and while I do like to maximize the screen, I don't like the pics lapping over or behind the side tabs. I am seconds away from being slimed!!

From playing around with sizes, and hopefully getting used to it, I have found that X-Large and original size are actually the same size. I will say that shifting the pics left and right is very easy.

Hector pauses and gives the photographer a "drop dead" look. "Move along--there's nothing to see here."

I have given thought to moving my blog to Wordpress. I even have a Wordpress account, but I am not savvy enough to make the switch. I am sure there would be years of bugs to work out, and getting things to look like I want. And, there's the morbid fear that I might push the wrong button and delete five years of blogging. Has anyone made that switch? Good results? Bad?

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