Monday, December 19, 2011

A bit of excitement for my morning

I felt something in my shoe this morning and took it right back off thinking it might be a pebble from the trailz. Nothing new there. I shook my shoe out and nothing. I was about to put my shoe back on then I saw a black fuzzy on my toe. Thinking it was dome wadded up sock threads, I picked it off with my FINGERS, and it was WET. I very quickly put it down.

I picked it up with a couple of pencils, put it on the bathroom counter, and rolled it around til I saw the orange marking that affirmed it was in fact a black widow. Of course then I played with my camera settings and got the best zoomed in shot I could. Scary stuff.

Two good things: 1. I wear thick socks. 2. I have calluses on my toes.

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