Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A CONTEST !!!!!!

I recently got an iPod Nano, and have been slowly filling the 8G with tunes to make me go. I like all kinds of music, but feel I need suggestions for good running songs. So, I propose a contest. Give me three good running songs--or just good songs that you like to listen to on a run. Give me three suggestions, and you get your name in the hat. If I LIKE any of your suggested tunes, you'll get an extra entry into the drawing. And then as a bonus, if you can guess up to three songs that I already have on my iPod, you'll get one more entry per correct guess--for a total of up to FIVE chances in the drawing.

What do you win???
I'll put all the entries in a hat, and next Monday, I'll draw a winner who will receive a $25 iTunes gift card.
So, send me your responses.
I'll take entries from comments to this blog post, and from comments to the facebook post.
Looking forward to giving away this gift card, and to filling up my list of running songs!!

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