Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good news, and a TNC report

My first post-holidays run was a great success--successful for multiple reasons. 1. my knee injury is improved. I went to see my massage torture-ist today, and she says it if not a bone or joint problem--if it were, it would be a deeper and continuous pain. She thought it was an IT band problem, and treated it accordingly. IT HURT!!!!
But after an hour, I feel 95% better, and ran pain-free. I also am so relieved that it is not anything dangerously serious, and I ran with confidence over rocks and roots.
2. After being down in the dumps--bummed about not running, not being able to run, and gaining weight from overindulgence in holiday yummies and stress-eating, I feel like I took control of that calorie in/calories burned ratio. 3. The Rocky Raccoon training can resume!!!

There were seven joining me tonight for the Tuesday Night Crawlers run. We opted to run easier trailz on the east side of the mountain, and I ended up with 4.5 miles. Mitch got close to 10 miles in his quest to reach 1200 for the year. He is down to 44-45 miles to go, and I promised to run an ultra with him Saturday if needed.

A quick video of the congregating crawlers just before we slithered off into the night. 

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