Saturday, April 14, 2012

Frisco 50 instead of OKC

Instead of running the Oklahoma City Marathon--again--I'm running the Frisco 50 near Springfield Missouri.
It's on a Rails-to-Trails trail--25 miles out and 25 back for the 50 miler. My friends Charlotte, Dennis,Caroline, and Kurt and Shelley are going. Dana is coming to run the half marathon. They also have a 50K, marathon, and an 8K--something for everyone.
The trail meanders through the country--running northish to the turnaround and then back.
The elevation chart looks interesting--they always do, but I bet this is a nearly flat course. Only the hill on the return trip seems like a walker.
They call it crushed limestone, but it looks like regular old gravel. Gaiters will be needed.
There are several bridges--some wooden, some iron.
This one looks cool--I hope the ties are not all that far apart!
Gotta pay attention crossing the roads. I doubt they'll have traffic control.
Shade. We'll need lots.
They say there is a brief paved section. Hmmm--ok.
Scenic trailz.
Scenic bridges.
Can't wait.
And getting another medal for my cluttered shelf--not a bad thing either.




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