Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Night Trail Running

Tuesday Nights are fun. It's my favorite run of the week--and I like them all. The group I lead is a moderate paced group. We'll run a good pace, but take breaks to make sure everyone stays up. I like to mix things up with some easy trailz, and some tough ones. Last week, we did a cave tour. This involved some tough climbing and a little bushwhacking, but we visited 4 caves. Here, about half of the group scratched their way up the side of a bluff to see two different rooms.

I had only my iPhone, and the pics of the inner chambers did not turn out--but that's ok. Anyone wanting to see these sacred places on the mountain should go see them.To me, it was interesting that ALL of the girls made the climb, and only a few of the guys did.
This is also where the petroglyphs are.

Last night, we went west. We took the western-most trail that sneaks in the back way into the Westside Y. I like this trail because so few people know about it, and the commuters on HW 75 probably are baffled at the line of runners in a place where they never imagined seeing someone run.

I took a bit of video on the way back. Hope it does not make you seasick!!

I am a bit of a rebel--I'd like to alternate Chandler Park in for some of our Tuesday Night runs. Any takers?

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