Monday, April 9, 2012

Killing time, new trailz, and celebrities.

Today I had a 4:00 pm appointment, and a 5:00 pm appointment. Both were in the Bixby area. The 4:00 was just a check-it-out something that was over in 6 minutes, leaving me with 45 minutes of down time. Just enough time to hunt a geocache. Haikey Creek--Garnett between 111th and 121st has several, and I headed there. The one I chose to hunt for made mention of some trailz--and you know how I like that!!!I looked only briefly for the cache though. I was more interested in where this trail went. Turns out, it was a dead end--not sure why it went 1/4 of a mile and stopped?? The cache was deep into the woods weeds ticks chiggers poison ivy land. I walked back out. Haikey Creek IS a good place for a run though. There are about 2 miles of chat gravel paths, and a bit of trail hidden here and there.

While walking back to my car, a couple made a beeline across the park to intercept me. They asked me if I found it?? They were geocachers, and spotted a kindred spirit. I told them that I did not, although had a good idea where it was. I felt like a wimp chickening out over ticks and chiggers--I AM TRAIL ZOMBIE!!! We visited a while about this cache and that and I knew they were bigtime cachers. It was a fun conversation.
I asked them what their handles were. He was Captain Cache, and she was The Beauty Queen from Mars, and together they were the team of CCATBQFM. He went on to tell me he was also known as General Disarray. He is the official Geocache reviewer in Oklahoma. I see his name on every cache description. It was like meeting a celebrity--kind of like meeting President. Heck, I was more excited meeting him that I would have been meeting the current president.

I told them about trail running, my blog, and the races we do. They knew all about the Snake Run, as a friend of theirs was caching during the Snake Run, and enjoyed refreshments from our aid stations, and was counted in the laps as Unknown Runner since well--he had no number. Actually, I LOVE THAT. We are of like minds--geocachers and trail runners.

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