Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Feet, Sac So Soft, and Sweet Cheeks

Has this ever happened to you? You ran a marathon, or an ultra. You noticed a hot spot around 15-16 miles in, but ignored it--I've done that plenty of times. You finish your race, sit down, think about a feeding frenzy or a cold beer, and then take off your shoes and socks to see the damage.

I love gruesome blister pics, and have even made videos of the draining of such blisters. A year ago I was experiencing such bad blistering problems that it was greatly hampering my long runs. One weekend, I needed a 20/20 back to back. I ran 20 miles on a warm Saturday morning, and had a dime size blister on the ball of my foot--just below the big toe. I had been taping, and using a blister powder, or it would have been worse.
Before running on Sunday, I tried this new concoction that we had heard about. Dana has taken this formula and tweaked it a bit making it even better. So, before I laced 'em up, I applied a liberal amount of this amazing paste to my toes and forefoot, and ran my 20 miles on an even warmer afternoon. After finishing, I took off my socks, and there were no more blisters, and my blister on the ball of my foot was GONE! Since then, I use this on every run of 15 miles or more, and have had no blisters--even from 100 milers.

Another great potion that Dana makes is useful when you have chafing problems down south. I will refrain from showing pics of said chafing to keep this rated PG!! Again, I have had races where I felt like I had shredded my inner thighs and the general area--feeling like I was walking raw hamburger.
This salve is applied everywhere you might think would chafe. If seems a bit messy during the application, but once you are suited up, you never think about it again. And you will never chafe. Should you forget, and have some irritated areas, Sac So Soft (for men) and Sweet Cheeks (for women) will soothe the burning associated with chafing.
Actually, the men's and women's formula is the same--only the name is different. But if you are opposed to sharing, having a men's and women's jar is helpful.
Dana is selling these wonderful products for $12.00 each (plus shipping, if mailed.) You can email her, message her, or let me know and I'll pass the order along. DON'T RUN LONG WITHOUT IT!

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