Sunday, April 22, 2012

Run Tulsa Pink

A rare Sunday night race was held yesterday.

The Run Tulsa Pink 5k benefited the Turn Tulsa Pink movement, which works to show Awareness, Kindness, Love and Respect to those affected by cancer.

Turn Tulsa Pink partnered with RunnersWorld-Tulsa, who held this 5k road race.

The race turned out 1,200 runners, and was a huge success.

As you can see here and in the pictures below, pink was the color of the night. It was a treat to see Candice, a great friend who I MISS RUNNING WITH!

Chrissy, RD of Wednesday's Warrior Princess Trail Run was my running partner for the night. She is just getting back into running, and was worried about being able to run the whole way--not that there is anything at all wrong with walking a bit if needed!

My friend Ken aka K2 was dressed in his usual psychedelic spandex shorts, but he seemed eerily conservative amid the sea of pink tutus.

By 7:00, the area was teaming with pink clad runners ready to run a new race course.

A quick look around revealed some very questionable characters. Stormy looks like a cross between Russell Brand and Hello Kitty.

This fine group of ladies drew cat calls by showing off a lot of flesh.

And it just got more weird. Larry, a well known transvestite, dressed as Catra, yet he did not even to profess knowing who the ultra superstar is. (Well, Catra minus a few tatts.)


Soon enough, the gun sounded and we were off. Chrissy and I started near the back, and maintained a steady pace. Not too fast. We were able to shuffle along at a dead even 12 m/m pace. We slowly picked off a few runners, but I was careful to not get into a racing mode.

down a slight incline, and back up another. Someone called these hills--nah.

Ewwww. This dude(ette>) was running in flip flops?!?!?

Um---oh. That was me. My outfit was just something I threw together. Special thanks to Susan Westmoreland for making me the tutu.

And yes, I did run in flip flops. They were pink and black and matched my arm panties. For the record, I did have appropriate covering under my tutu.

Such great fun, such great friends.

We hung around, and had fun way into the night. And the race--it raised thousands for a worthwhile charity.

Thanks to K2, Susam M, and TATUR for letting me borrow a couple of pics.

And a huge thank you to Kathy Hoover, for organising a near flawless race. I know how stressful race directing can be with 250-300 runners. 1,000 would scare me to death. Actually, SHE looks scared to death!

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