Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Call it Tuesday Night Crawlers, call it the TOTs--but don't miss it.

If you have not been venturing out to Turkey Mountain on Tuesday afternoon/evenings, you are missing out!! The official "start" time is 6:30, which gives most everyone time to get here after work.

An unofficial group goes out ~5:30--these are peeps who want to get in a few bonus miles, or just need an earlier run because of at home responsibilities (whatever those are?? Have you seen my back yard???)
The early group likes to get in 3 miles, and sometimes it ends up being just a tad shorter. Because of someone goofing around with a new camera app and wasting a good 5 minutes picture taking, we only got 2.9 this week--but who's counting anyway?

We hustled back to the parking lot to get there by 6:30, and imagine our surprise when we rolled into the parking lot and saw an AID STATION set up for us?!? Kathy and her entourage from RunnersWorld came out and set up a full service aid station, and they plan on doing this every Tuesday evening!!! Where is the LIKE button?

With a crowd of ~40 runners, we divided into two groups, and took off for another hour or so of running. 
I led my followers to the red trail, but instead of the easy peasy short loop, we took EVERY offshoot on that side of the mountain, and I thoroughly got everyone turned around before illegally leading them up the FloFro trail. I did warn them to give wild-eyed bikers a wide berth, and true to form, a couple of peddlers came by and warned us that this was their downhill biking course. We were not there long, and it's not like we were a butterfly collectors group or a cub scout troop.We refueled at the nifty RW pit stop, and took out for more mileage. I promised some easier terrain, and overlooking the long climb to the top of Turkey, I made good on that promise. The bunny trail on top gives about a half mile of rockless twisty turny single track, before ending about midway on the upper yellow. We made our way home from there.

Channing turns on the jets as he nears the end of his run.
I thought we might have been the last ones in, but the slightly faster group was still out, following Stormy on every goat trail in the region. Rafael hung around to give me grief, as he always does. As I raised my camera to take his picture, he quickly ripped his shirt off. Aren't we glad??

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