Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two Rivers Trail

I worked a little on mapping the course for the 10.3K Warrior Princess Trail Run Saturday, and then I took a short jaunt on the Two Rivers Trail on the north side of Keystone Dam.This is a hidden gem--albeit a little gem. I had explored this trail a few years ago, and had almost forgot about it when doing my Trail Guide of Oklahoma Trailz. This is ~2.5 to 3 miles of mostly single track with a little bit of double track.This wooden bridge seemed to invite me into the woods, lovely dark and deep. The first 1/4 mile was nice soft groomed dirt trailz--what you dream about. But the trail got more narrow, and the undergrowth did it's best to be overgrowth. I was worried about chiggers. I can usually remove ticks before they get their bite, and I did pick off 3 of those crawlers.

The first mile basically hugged the shoreline of Lake Keystone, which was up and muddy due to recent rains.

After a mile, the trailz veered more inland, and I enjoyed a series of nice ups and downs--you know--the "relatively flat" stuff.

At one point, the trail ran alongside an outcropping of huge boulders--almost bluff sized.They were spaced out just right for some boulder hopping--no jumps no more than 4 feet, and I flew over them all. It was like 5 or 6 leaps of doom.Apparently, this "leaper" did not make it.

On the western-most part of the area, the trailz were seeing far less traffic, and I picked up my three ticks through here. I bet I am the first two-legged to have trod these trailz in months.

Back on some wider stuff, and some good climbing.

Just over and around a bend, and the trail dumped me out very near the wooden bridge and my car. I gave thought to hunting for more trailz in the hills north of HWY 412, but thought better of it, choosing to come home and scrub my legs. Hopefully, I rid myself of any hungry chiggers that were dangling around from my hairy legs.

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