Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thirty minutes between appointments afforded time for a little exploration. I was near the Ray Harral Nature Park where there were several geocaches and lots of trailz!
I found the first one easily, and thought I'd just mop up, but three of them were most difficult.
Just to the east of this trail, I found the second one--an ammunition box. But the lure of the trail was too strong, and the drive for rummaging around in poison ivy for the remaining three waned.
This small park in Broken Arrow has maybe two miles of trail. About a third of it is paved, but it's all either up or down. I think if you could establish a route that covered most of the trailz, and then ran it in reverse, you could have a great four miler with enough climb to make you break a sweat.
Even the paved portions are great. Much of the paths are heavily shaded, and despite it being 92 degrees, it was cool in the urban woodland.
A highlight of the area is an old rusty iron suspended bridge. If you have a heavy step (or jump up and down) the bridge bounces a lot. I'll be back in the winter to find those other three caches. And I think I'll make sure I have my running shoes and see if my four mile idea works.

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