Monday, August 13, 2012

Lunch in the park, and an evening run

I used an Arby's coupon, and got it to go. A boring little park had a picnic table barely shaded, and I ate lunch enjoying bright blue skies and a cool north breeze.
And of course, took some pictures.

This grand tree was massacred by the ice storm a few years ago, but if refuses to die. It might just be my favorite tree.
By the time I finished my second potato cake, I started running out of shade. I needed to get back to work anyway.

I felt like running trailz instead of roads this evening. There also was a geocache that had 4 stars for difficulty and terrain where I was running, so I looked at that as extra gravy.
There was some pretty serious climbing and scrambling involved.  Some ducking too.
Loose leaves, loose rocks. Stuff I like.
My climb brought me atop these 40' bluffs. The instructions said this cache was not a good place to bring kids. Ya think?
I'm not saying where the cache was, but here are the coordinates. This cache was last found and logged in May.
And since this LOOKED like a Deadman's Crack, I zeroed in here.
The coordinates were right on target. A tupperware box, with lots of stuff, but it had been wet sometime back, and was moldy. The log was in pretty good shape though. It looked like some non-cachers had found the box and signed the log. I'm cool with that.
I wanted to go back down to walk around at the base of these bluffs. I found this slot which made a nice easy passage to the lower level. Several of the slots did not look like I could squeeze through them.
There were tons of great rock formations, and I took over 60 pics. This was one of the best.
I was trying to take a pic of me hanging over the edge of the cliff. Really, all I can say here is that my head appears LARGER than the huge rock.
Taken from the bottom looking up. I love running here, and will take a few friends here in the coming weeks. I'd like to take a geocaching trip here, as there are several toughies besides this one.

On a side note, I ran into Aaron Ochoa and John Nobles running here. I wanted this to be my secret playground, but I'll share. The secret is leaking out about these awesome trailz.

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