Saturday, August 25, 2012

night run (walk)

Dana, Jake, and I went for an outing after dinner (in which I are to much Rib Crib and felt bloated.) I took my headlamp, and we walked the neighborhood and then down the westside paved trailz at the base of Turkey Mountain. As it got dark, I fired up my Petzl Nao, which is the best headlamp on the planet. However, one billion gnats saw it as a call to party and started dive-bombing the beam and my vision was blinded much like being blinded by a snowstorm--except snowflakes melt in your mouth whereas gnats squirm a little. To remedy the unwanted in-gestation of minute particles of protein, I turned the headlamp into a handheld and brought the swarm from eye to waist level.

Getting Jake's leash and my headlamp in the optimal placement in my hand, the beam zeroed in on glowing eyes.
I was glad I had Jake leashed, as a large raccoon bounded across the trail and under a culvert. We continued onto the railroad tracks and turned around, running some and walking some. About the time the long climb began, more critters came out to play.
A centipede raced us for a few yard uphill. He had a decided advantage outnumbering our legs 38 to 8. I have since read that they have a painful sting. Glad I didn't pick it up.

No more than a tenth of a mile later, another crawler with a whopping stingzigzagged across the asphalt.
I've seen several scorpions lately on Turkey, and a couple in my house. None have been all that big. Left this one alone.

We had commented earlier that we needed to look out for snakes, and almost did not see this one as we climbed the last incline to the parking lot.
Jake probably came 3 feet from walking right across it. It coiled right up and intended to strike. The trail was wide--wide enough, and we gave him space. Of all course this made the remaining trip home a bit more cautious.

It's pouring down rain right now. Tomorrow, we'll have pics and a post from Pumpkin Holler.

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