Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tot stuff

Tot running is alive and well. Last Tuesday, the heat was back on. Not 112°, but triple digits all the same. We still consistently have 50+ runners out, and 25-30 in the zombie group.Turkey miles are a little longer than road miles. Factor in the ascent and decent, and you can add on a percent or two to your totals.
Sunday, we all stayed together in one group. A small group splintered off, , but the rest of us ran a five mile loop, led by none other than JAKE. Jake was bashful come group picture time though. He ran off leash for most of the way, and led us on his favorite route by a couple of his ponds. He NEEDS a bath now.

What's new for the TOTs? A FIELD TRIP to PUMPKIN HOLLER in two weeks. Keep an eye out on Facebook for details.

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