Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Heat

Maybe tonight will be our last stiflingly hot Tuesday trail run. While is WAS a mere 106 instead of 112, the humidity was dialed up some. Any kind of breeze helped me out, but I was sucking air and iced Gatorade liberally as I led 35 runners around the mountain.
Someone said I was moving faster than normal. I had my bum ankle strapped up, and felt confident running on it. The lo-chi trail is mostly downhill, and gravity assisted me. I marched right up I-Want-My-Mommy Hill, but from there on, I was shuffling.

I think we started with 36 runners, and a few decided to make their route an out-and-back instead of climbing the big hill.
I was behind the camera, and Kristina was being camera-shy. We ended up with a little over 4 miles. Instead of hanging around and socializing (beers), I went home and took a cold shower. Thinking about hitting the trailz early in the am.

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