Wednesday, August 22, 2012

midweek 20 miler

Kathy and I got 20 miles in Wednesday morning. She is prepping for back-to-back hundred milers this October. I'm tuning up for FlatRock 50K, and another hundred--either Mark Twain or Traveller. I am in a place where the heart says YES and the brain says GET REAL!! But ignoring logis and getting in a fun long run (or in this case, a medium run) is one step toward the goal.
And the run was fun. We stopped in the baseball park in Jenks where I sometimes eat lunch from Reasor's Deli. I took pictures of this tree a couple of weeks ago, and have decided it's my favorite tree. It was once a huge giant, and someday, it will be a huge giant again.

Inspirational--well it is for me.

18 miles were good miles--right at 12 m/m including walk breaks. Our last two miles were a tad slower, as the sun was getting after it. Turns out, it was only 86° at the finish, but in the sun, it felt hotter. But I'm not complaining about 86°. Good times!!

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