Thursday, August 16, 2012

More geocaching. Yes, I am obsessed.

A little bit of time after work gave me opportunity to hunt a few more geocaches. This one, west of Sand Springs seemed easy enough--UNTIL I GOT THERE!
I parked 98 feet away from the cache, according to my iPhone app.

But 98 feet toward the cache was more than 100 feet in elevation change.

The views near the top were worth the climb. There is not much here as far as trailz go, but there weren't briers and stickers either.
I actually spent more time climbing around and taking picture than I did hunting.
Near the top, there was this grotto. Just above this, I could hear the cars and semis whizzing by on 412. This was a cool hideout.
I scrambled around the formations taking pictures--being very careful of my footing.
The lazy Arkansas looking toward Keystone Lake.

I blew 30 minutes here, and did not find the cache. I would get a reading that it was 37 feet northwest, and I'd move that way. Then it would say it was 60 feet southeast. Maybe next time, the readings won't jump around so much.

From there, I headed north on Prue Road and easily found one at the Ancient Forest--someplace I want to visit when the place is open.

Most of the Wednesday Night Ride peeps will recognize this one. This is Shell Creek Lake dam Just on the other side, I found another cache, and then finished the day off with three more in Sand Springs. A good day.

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