Saturday, May 19, 2012

trailz and friends

After a nice 3-ish mile run on the pavement with a few friends, I met Robert at Turkey Mountain for a little trail running.Robert is working on getting his trail running legs under him, and is just loving the trailz.

We tackled the red trail, and the lower (Lo-Chi). I was thankful that a couple of mountain bikes blazed through knocking down all the spider webs for us. One on his return trip warned us of a couple of snakes ahead on the trail, but we never saw them.

We did see a couple of these eight-legged parasites along the way. I found four, bring my yearly total to 60.I found four ticks, bringing my yearly total to 60.

Robert did great, cruising along and enjoying the sights along the way. He agrees that trail running has so much more to offer than road running. I am totally biased, but he is so right.

Under a canopy of trees, we ran in a place that could have been the set of Jurrasic park. No dinosaurs, no huge anacondas, no werewolves.

Just a friend and me on a perfect Saturday.

I tinkered with my camera, and got a close-up of a dragon fly during a brief touch-down landing.

My old race nemesis--the Tortoise. Here, he is clearly carbo-loading, and training for Turkey and TATURs where he'll beat my butt yet again!

I made a quick video, which I will use again to promote the Barkley Book Fair. There are not a lot of hills on the day run. This is the one little hill that for some reason seems to get every one's attention.
I made it to the top in two minutes and change holding my camera and doing a running play-by-play commentary.Don't let it scare you, day runners. (But night runners--be afraid. Be very afraid!!



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