Monday, May 28, 2012

Book Titles


1. On The Run (end of Red Trail)
2. Pathfinder (1/4 way down Lo-Chi Trail)
3. Climbing (base of I-Want-My-Mommy-Hill)
4. Now You Can Cry (top of I-Want-My-Mommy-Hill)
5. The Long Walk (mid way back on the Yellow)
6. Dean Man Walking (under the last wood bridge)

1. Heart of the Night (Ezekiel saw the ______)
2. Voices in the Night (Toss a penny, Make a wish)
3. Walking toward Your Fear (The troll left a mess!) (EEWWW!! DEAD FISH!?!?!)
4. Book was missing when I went to pick it up (No troubled water here)
5. The Dying Place (Walk the line--but not this one)
6. Fatal Amusement (Death of many bikers)
7. Spell of the Mountains (Another bridge and aid station)
8. Midnight Memories (No more Pepsi deliveries)
9. Crack of Doom (Old Homestead)
10. The Gates of Hell (Me Caveman)
11. The Torment of Others (In deep dark places--Say NO to Crack!)
12. Cliffhanger (Cave City)
13. Fatal Terrain (Going UP!)
14. Marathon Man (Top of the morning mountain--but going down)
15. Midnight Run (Down Down Down)
16. Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex (You've never been this far south)
17. Devil Take All (Old Homestead)

RD's Notes 

I was amazed that over half of the night runners found all the books.

The book at the YMCA was missing when I went to pick it up, as were books 14, 15, 16.

I am pretty sure that the titles listed on 13 and 14 are correct--might be switched.

I am less certain that I am remembering the correct title of book 16.

I had an even dozen ticks yesterday and today. Anyone top that?

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