Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Night Ride Run

I gave thought to riding my bike this evening--but I worked a little bit to late to meet up with my friends--and besides, I am concerned that my unconditioned tush would be hamburger--since it has not been plopped down on the bike saddle for over a year. Good excuse to run.I treated myself to a circling of Lake Bixhoma. There are a few hard-to-find geocaches there, but with my legs being chigger-bite ridden, I decided to stay out of the deep woods. These caches will have to wait til late fall for me to find them.

I love this run. Even on an overcast day, it is a postcard view from any point around the lake. I took the south route first. Mitch and I had found that someone had started extending the trail--maybe all the way around the south end of the lake. That was back in December--might they have finished their project??

No. This was the end of the line. It is rugged terrain from this point of. Lots of rocks, lots of briers. Bushwhacking around is doable, but it's tough. I did not have an hour to kill, so I headed back to run as far as I could on the west side.

I did not go far when I saw a furry little guy lallygagging across the trail. I could have steeped on him. But if I had, he probably would have tossed me to the ground.HUGE. This was the biggest tarantula I had ever seen. He must have weighed a pound or more. There was enough fun on him to make a pair of gloves.
He just laid there and looked at me. I am guessing the black shiny circle near the head were his eye(s)? He jumped and exited quickly when I reached down to pick up the dollar I had placed beside him.
I picked up the pace on the way back. With the added bit of trail, an out-and-back up the south route and the west route nets 3.6 miles. I added a hill repeat (well, maybe a one-peat) to get an even 4 miles.

The fishing here is good. There are a few picnic areas, and even a beginning photographer can look like a pro with pix from here.

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