Friday, May 4, 2012

Warrior Princess Trail Run report

I'm a little late in posting this, as well as quite a few other projects forthcoming, but I need to cite my ramblings about Michael and Chrissy's run before I forget all details.
A week ago, many friends met at the Keystone mountain bike trailz to run 10.3 miles, 10.3K, or 1.03 miles.
Actually, the longer race was about half trail and half rural paved road, while the shorter distances were all paved.

Chrissy and I had a long day Wednesday, marking all the trail section, all the road section, and also a mile out-and-back that the 10.3K runners had to do to make their distance right.
Trail marking is slow, tedious, and yet still fun.
Chrissy and I solved most of life's problems in our hours together on the course.
I had planned on running the 10.3 mile and run sag while pulling ribbons, but a family emergency came up.
I did make sure the course markings and crucial marshaling was done before I cut out.
To properly credit the pictures, the trail pictures are mine.
The start/finish pictures came from Russell, who would have a paid position on my blog, if my blog made any $$$.

While I was down the hill at a confusing intersection awaiting the 10.3 K runners, Chrissy fired the starting gun.
The road runners headed down a long hill to my spot, while the trail runners headed the opposite direction into the woods.
I stayed to make sure the road runners made the necessary turns, and then moved the arrows pointing the was for the trail runners who would be by 30-60 minutes later.

The next few pictures are of the trail section, which I took yesterday as I swept the course pulling ribbons. Michael had ran sweep, and had 99% of the markings pulled. Jake and I got a nice run/walk out of the deal. :-)

These are pretty tough trailz in places. I'd say about half of the way is quite rocky, and half is nice smooth single track. A good mix. A few hills, but not enough to kill you.

You'd best not be looking down coming through here.

I always shoot this tower when I run through.

Lots of water crossings. Jake loved these trailz, and he got 6-7 swims along the way.

Most of the way is heavily wooded. Only where we cross under the power lines do we see open fields. A day later, I am still tallying my tick count. So far, I have got 20 ticks from my time there yesterday, and I gathered 5 the week before.

Once the 10.3 milers were through with the trails, they headed down old HWY 51, where the 10.3Kers had already ran. Special care had to be taken through here, as the railroad crossing was under reconstruction.

Elaine Palmquist won the ladies 10.3 miles, followed by Karrie Garriott and Krystal Brown.

Cole Starkey blazed the course for the men's victory. Aaron Ochoa was in hot pursuit, followed by Jonce Blaylock.

In the ladies 10.3 mile, Deedee Gibbs bested her fellow Enidite Christine Tolbert, and Pamela Smith was not far behind for third place.

Andrew Aquaire won the men's 10.3K. Pat McCracken started out near the back of the pack, and then turned on the jets to finish in second place. Zion Foley took 3rd, alongside his Dad, tying for third place.

Not sure of who won the costume contest. There were several good ones, and this couple was well deserving of the win.

Finally, like last year, Michael and Chrissy launched a sky lantern to honor their daughter Lillian.

This year, on the second attempt, it took off and soared into the heavens. It was a nice touching finish to a wonderful event.

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