Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Trailz (to me anyway)

I took the advice of a good friend Mitch Drummond and checked out some trailz he found while on a weekend camp out. I had business in the area--a sales call to a good repeat customer, so technically, when he buys his project, this will be a "paid" vacation for me!! I can write my Gatorade off as a business expense!!!This is Lake Eucha Dam. I drove over to look at the other side, and obeyed the KEEP OUT signs prohibiting anyone from walking across it. Another time perhaps....

Same river, just looking downstream.

Spavinaw GMA (Game Management Area?) has miles and miles of semi-maintained jeep roads. Some are better than others--meaning that some are overgrown (and teaming with ticks I bet.) I stayed on the better roads. I tried to drive into the area, but the first hill was to steep for my Prius to make it up. The instant the tires start slipping, it's like it goes into neutral. Loose gravel and steep hills means Prius parks at the bottom. That's good--another monster hill for ME! :-)

It was a g-g-gorgeous day--maybe a little bit hot, but the crazy wind blowing came right through the trees, and kept me cool.

The loop I had hoped to run was about 6.4 miles, according to Map-My-Run. But from where I had to park, it looked to add about a mile and a half.

All of the course was gravel. I think if you get off on some of the unmaintained roads, they might be dirt--which is why there are overgrown.

I took the low side of the loop going out, which followed a dry creek bed for about two miles. Much of this way was in the sun, but the wind was awesome.

The dry creek bed is to the right.

Soon enough though, I came to the intersection of Groundhog Hollow and Tower Road. Tower Road headed straight up the hill. I climbed for 1.2 miles, and it was probably a good 300 feet. A lot of walking--and some running.

Luv a sun-through-the-trees shot.

This is at the top of Tower Road. I did not see a tower through.

I was treated to about a mile +/- of downhill after that. Real gradual stuff. I made up for my pokiness climbing.

One last little uphill at the end of my run....

....and a STEEP downhill screamer to my car.

I rank this trail a solid 9. Good hills to climb. Some large loose gravel, but most is smaller and runner-friendly. I'd give it a 10 if it had a view or 2 of the lake. I'd love to schedule a run here some Sunday. I bet that happens.

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