Sunday, May 20, 2012

Run for Bagels

My addictions have changed over the years--from rock-n-roll to golf to running--but food has always been right there too. When my friend Bill Ford suggested a Run for Bagels, it seemed to be the dream combination. Get your run on, and eat.A group of us Tulsa crazies made the trip to Stillwater to Bill and Sheila's house, and hung out while everyone arrived. Bill and Heston Richardson from Perry came, Kathy, Russell, Cassy, Simone, Candice, Dee, Vicky, Arnold, and I were the Tulsa bunch.

Bill goes over some course directions with us before the run.

It was actually an easy course to follow. Go west til the road teed, then south until the road curved, and then another mile to the turnaround, and come back. Rinse and repeat.

At straight-up 8:06 we took off. Bill and Sheila have a running club with a lot of newer runners in Stillwater, and a lot of them cam out to join in on the fun. They ran distances from 4-15 miles, with many of them going further than they ever have. There were even a few spouses who came out to see just what their running thing was all about, and jumped right in. This is how addictions start. It was kind of funny to me how at the start, the new runners took the lead. Probably thought we were just a bunch of sloggers.

I locked in on a good pace--10 m/m or there-abouts. I was messing with my camera when a couple of sloggers caught up with me. Russell, who is killing every race he enters, and Kathy, who is stealthily ramping up her miles in prep for Angel Fire caught up and blew by me.

I had good reason to be messing with my camera though. The sunset was spectacular. A huge storm to the northeast reportedly had golf ball sized hail, and as it got darker, there was a good light show.

The road east had sidewalks for 2.5 miles, and when the sidewalk ended, the hills began. Hills. commented on how they were not really HILLS, but on the second loop, they definitely had grown.

I caught up with Candice, who was wearing her Vibrams. I had not ran with her in quite a while, and was surprised she had jumped in the minimalist bandwagon. Had she goofed up by not wearing more substantial trail shoes?? Hmmm.... The running surface thus far was ok, but the dirt roads ahead might be a bit more technical.

Actually, the miles of red dirt were soft and cushy. Powdery even.

More hills. Ups and downs. I was running most of them, only walking very short segments on the ups. I had no time goals at all--even if I took 10 hours, I just wanted time on my feet. I caught up with Simone and Cassy just in time to find Simone having a bit of nausea. I gave her an electrolyte and a pinch of sea salt, as that usually fixes me right up. She still had the queasiness, and said she had a donut earlier and it was coming back to haunt her. AT the next aid stop, we met Sheila and Alix, who were heading back, and Simone went with them.

I ran on and caught Candice right where the nice soft re3d dirt had turned to course gravel. Her light-footed gliding turned into a pick-and-choose-where-to-step routine. It was a dark and stormy night, and I stayed with her. We caught up on all that had happened since we had last ran together, and I enjoyed the night.

Candice had angry feet by the time we hit the pavement again, and even the pavement seemed to grind on her dogs. When we reached the smooth sidewalks, she took her Vibrams off and went barefoot for about a mile, and then put the toe slippers back on, and found new life. She ran the remaining 2 miles at a sub-9 m/m pace. WOW!

We met Kathy on the way back as she was heading out for her 2nd lap. Kathy wanted me to turn around at that point and run with her, but I really needed to get to the start/finish to eat something and take a 5-Hour Energy. SO, Kathy ran with us to the S/F again, and then she and I did another easy 15. Another big storm had sprung up to the southwest, and it seemed like we were SURE to get hammered, but it seemed to stall out, and other than a light sprinkle, we never saw any rain. Kathy ended up with close to 33 miles for the night. Sneaky!! I had a great run. I feel good, and am hardly even sore. My training is going good.

Thanks to Russell for a couple of the above pics!
Thanks again to Bill and Sheila for hosting this fun fun event. You are amazing friends.

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