Saturday, January 28, 2012

Obeying the taper??

I have a home and garden show this weekend, but still managed to get a short run with RunnersWorld Saturday morning. I am a better representative for my company after a good run--even if it's just five miles.My running nemesis Kathy gives out the 300+ runners their marching orders just before we all take off. Some of my friends were doing 10, and some 14. I had to hurry to get through in an hour so I could get home, shower, shave, dress, and drive to the fairgrounds.My first mile really sucked. The knee was ok, but my right leg ached--like it was compensating fore the left knee. But crossing the pedestrian bridge, and the 1/4 mile of wood planks seemed to breathe life into my legs, and I felt like I was tuned up and ready to run well. Just after crossing the bridge, and heading northeast on the Midland Valley Trail, I turned to take a couple of pics of my posse of running friends. Jogging backwards and shooting photos proved to be a bad combination, as I stepped on the side of the asphalt, and was on my butt in a nanosecond.
Still managed to snap a picture on the way down though!! My body hit the grassy slope but my butt hit the edge of the asphalt, and I feel like I have a nasty bruise. I rolled out of it and was on my feet instantly, and in my mind, it looked like an acrobatic maneuver worth of Olympic consideration. Reality set in when I realized the only "10" I got was the 10 goat-head stickers lodged in my derriere.
Still, I felt good and the remaining 3.5 miles was decent. I feel like I have not violated my taper. We'll see if I can behave tomorrow.
Just after mile 3, I passed my friend Robert Ray, who also was doing five miles. Robert usually takes a bit of an early start, and when I'm lucky, our paths cross on Saturday mornings. Robert has a very inspiring blog--you should check it out.

At this writing, at 10:30 pm, I am contemplating my future of this time next week at Rocky Raccoon. I should be somewhere around mile 60-65. Hopefully I will be moving well, and alert. If I have a good loop 4, I'll have a successful race. I'll have lots of company, as Kathy, Stormy, and Charlotte are doing the 100 as well. Russell and Dirk are doing the 50. We plan on bring home a buncha buckles.I hope to be posting a picture similar to this one.

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