Sunday, January 1, 2012

PBP 2012

Each year on January 1st, TATUR has helped put on the Polar Bear Plunge--a dive into icy cold water to start the new year out right.This year, i did not participate in the submersion--WHY????
A. An embarrassing rash
B. The bikini I wanted to wear made me look fat
C. I was scared of getting wet
D. I wanted to try out my new 16G SD card I just put in my camera
E. Some of the above
F. None of the above
Answers later.

But I did do the spectatur thing--and took over 300 pictures. I hobbled from the car (parked illegally but close) and took a few pictures and headed for the first swimming pool these poor saps had to dive into.My buddy Russell posted a few pics from the starting area, and I borrowed a few from him. At first I thought Tom was showing Russell that he did not gain weight from having seconds and thirds of that possum casserole thing his aunt makes, but upon a closer look, he had some body art to show.
Edward actually looks a little too good in this glittery skirt. His legs are some of the sexiest I saw out there today.
Stormy was supposed to be a disco dude, but looks more like Daniel LaRusso from Karate Kid.
Another sexy dude(ette)--Roman just owns it!! Poor Laurie is upset that her camera lens in now cracked. Shoulda known better than to risk taking a picture like that!
This years route included a brief wade in the Arkansas before the first of three dips in swimming pools.
I parked my hiney at pool #1, hoping to capture the terror in the eyes of the plungers. The water was pristine and calm--but only for a while. Rumor has it that the water temp was 36°.
The first runner comes through, and wasted no time in diving in and quickly getting out.
You'da thought it was an unpleasant thing, the way they barreled out of the pool screaming and sometimes cursing.
But some took their time, and actually seemed to relish the idea of a January swim.
I was quick on the button and captured a lot of jumpers in mid-air.
Here's the best hang-time of the day.
My Tuesday Night Crawler buddy Wes trots out of the pool full of life, and heads off to another colder pool.
Next came Kate Perry and 3 Lady Gagas. While I am intrigued by these hot female singers, I was less enthused at the sight of these impersonators. (Can you guess which one was Mitch? I did not know until later.)
AT times the pool was packed--with 15-20 swimmers at a time.
And sometimes, there was but one swimmer at a time. Nacho Libre believes he can fly.

Roman takes to the air, while his date Kathy ponders whether she is gonna dive or do a cannonball.
She did a can-opener, and lost her mustache. :-{( Racing to get out of the pool are Spidergirl, and Captain A-Hole.
Aww--look at those pearly whites. Nice job, Capt A-hole. (aka Tim E.) :-)
It's a big splash a-coming.
William again this year dons his Frankenfurter get-up. His make-up was just too perfect before the dive. Looks like he has way too much practice. Notice the man behind him. What is he saying?
Another friend, Larry makes his/her way out of the pool. Larry is sporting a designer line of the latest fall fashion, with a nice matching handbag.
And then there was team smurf. You would never know they were cold--since they're always blue.
I had a blast taking pics, and posted over 200 on Facebook. Yes, I kind of missed not diving in, and will resume the craziness next year possibly as part of a team.

Oh, and if you were wondering about the answer-- it's B.

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