Sunday, January 15, 2012

TOTs run

It was barely cold enough to wear a jacket on our run Sunday morning. I actually could have gone in shorts, but at 7:30 I opted for warmer garb. I met the TOT group for some Sunday AM miles, and it had been so long since I'd been out to run with the TOTs, I wondered if anyone would remember me. My gimpy IT Band plagued knee has kept off the trailz for the past several Sundays, but it's getting better.Stormy was gone, as was Cole and Tim, but I still had Jeff to lead the fast group--and John could have as well. I made some quick announcements and we split into two groups. Edward has been leading the six cylinder group, but let lead the group while he kept watch over the back of the train. Running the Snake Trail, we moved along at a 11-12 minute pace plus a few stops. At the above stop, Edward was run up a tree.
We did coax him down for a group pic. Near (before) Rock City, we took a new trail that went down down down, and took us to Pepsi Pond in about 45 seconds flat. I am not sure if this was an old seldom used trail that has been groomed, or a fire break trail that was more or less plowed during the fires last year, or a trail cut by the mountain bikers. Either way, it was a fun downhiller, and enables you to get across the mountain to different parts quickly. I could not talk anyone into hill repeats though. Passing Pepsi Pond, we pink-trailed it for a while, and then took another seldom used trail south paralleling the Powerline Trail. Some of our running for the next mile was on newer trailz, and some old, but it was a newish route that skirted two different ponds. We covered quite a few dips and climbs over sometimes technical sections.
While it looks like the sun is just coming up, we are just down behind the hill across the way.
Our gang stayed together for about 4 miles, and then we split off, sending a few back who needed to wind things up, and the rest got another couple of miles in. The fast group finished minutes ahead of us, and we had nearly as many miles as they did. Maybe we're better than we think.

Next week, we'll go to Osage Hills State Park to run the awesome trailz there. MAKE PLANS to join us.

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