Monday, January 9, 2012

Geocaching with Jake

Saturday afternoon, I was feeling like a bum--having not ran in the morning due to a ran down battery from the night before. See, I got home Friday afternoon, and had about an hour of daylight and thought I'd find a new geocache on Turkey Mountain. My iPhone was dead, so I turned on the instrument panel in my Prius and charged the phone while I changed clothes. Jake quickly noticed I was running, so I decided to take him. I grabbed my phone and headed toward the trailz, but forgot to turn off the instrument panel, leaving the normal battery, and the big batteries dead by morning. So, I missed the Saturday morning run with my friends. I spent the morning with my car on the battery charger, and it powered up and is now fine.

Jake and I were zero for two Friday afternoon, but daylight was fleeting. So after my car was charged, we decided to hunt caches again.
Jake is excited to go--but he is not really sure why in the heck I STOP and stand in the woods looking around. The first search was for a cache called Big Mouth, which could be named for a rock formation near the cache's location, or maybe there is another explanation for the title. We has also searched for the Oklahoma Rock geocache on Friday. SO now I have two strikes in this search. Jake was frustrated with tramping slowly around in the woods, and did not understand why we were not running on the trailz--was that not why I brought him in the first place??
Jake is more of a wader than a swimmer--kind of odd for a lab. I thought sure he would chase these ducks, but just got his feet wet (and muddy.)
It was a weird day for picture taking. The sky was mostly blue, but most of the sky looked white in my pics.
Running with Jake makes hills easy. I hang on and shuffle my feet, and away we go. After 2 consecutive days and almost 7 miles, my leash arm is sore.

I am still running just a little. I have not had a long run since Mitch and I ran 25 on new years eve. I do need to get at least one good long run in before Rocky--two would be better. I also need to have my knee (IT band) to be 100% in four weeks. Makes geocaching seem more enticing.

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