Friday, January 27, 2012

Props to Lindsay

For the past year or so, I have been seeing Lindsay Sager when I need my hair whacked.
Yes, this is Kathy's daughter, and she cuts an amazing head of hair. (
Of course, she had a good subject to work with...;-)
I started going to her when she was at Clary Sage.
The first time--she was so nervous!!!
It took almost an hour to get my hair cut, and she was so careful to not make a mistake.
Little did she know that I would not spazz out if she did--unless of course she cut my ear off!!!
Lindsay worked at Supercuts for a while, and now is at Ross Edward on 41st just east of Peoria.
It's a laid back studio, and I rarely have to wait. 

Haircuts now take her around 20 minutes, and this includes shampooing and blow drying.
I can almost get a nap getting my scalp massaged, but I'm sure if I did, I'd get a nose full of water.
In the time I'm in the chair, we talk about running, Aiden, Kathy, Brian, and if you feel your ears burning, we're probably talking about YOU!!
I told her I'd give her props on here, and I'd love it if she picked up some extra business among my our running friends.
918-749-2002 will get you an appointmfnt and a great haircut every time.

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