Sunday, January 29, 2012

a huge confidence run (for me anyway)

Cheating winter once again, this morning was splendelicious running weather. 30 something degrees, bright sunshine, no wind. Mix in good friends and trailz, and it is as good as it can possibly get. The TOTs met on Turkey Mountain, divided into our group, and another group that takes less breaks. Off we went, with the Snowman leading the way. I played caboose, and took a few pics. Most were blurry, since I had set the Canon to capture more color. This group shot, where everyone held still for a second, turned out good.Notice the yellow sign above our head....
Signs like this usually indicate good trailz. Actually, the Westside Y had put these up to scare off someone--but not us. Seriously, it does not apply to Mt bikers and trail runners.

Snowman and I traded places, and once I was leading the train, it seemed like everything clicked into place. While I was not blazing fast, I did pick up the pace somewhat, and ran longer stretches at a time. I ran up hills, and felt light on my feet--like I might just maybe be able to run all day and all night and some the next day---which will come in handy next weekend!!!
I'd have to rate my run a 9.5 on the old 1-10 zombie scale. A bunch of us migrated to Panera for bagels and such--and good coffee, and stories and plans for future runs and fun stuff. Life is good!!!

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