Saturday, February 11, 2012

beginning of a trail directory

I am starting an online trail running directory. I have ran most of the Oklahoma trailz below, and this gives me some incentive to visit the ones I haven't ran. I have done a few of the ones in Arkansas, and there for sure are quite a few weekend trips in my future. I am also sure there are many many more in Arkansas that I will add to the list, and I would not be surprised if I have overlooked a trail of two in Okieland.

My plan is to create a web page with directions, descriptions, maps, photos, reviews, and reports on each. I'll put a link to this web page on this blog, on TATUR, and anywhere else I can post it. With this, a trail freak could bring up the menu and select trailz to satisfy his/her addiction, and the world would be a happier place.

If you would like to add any trailz to the list, PLEASE DO DO!! Post 'em in the comment section below, Facebook me, email me, call me, leave a note on my door. This will take some time, but I bet I'll enjoy doing it.

Oklahoma Trailz
Arcadia Lake
Bluff Creek
Broken Bow Lake/Beavers Bend
Canaval Hill
Chandler Park
*within the park
*hills south and west
Draper Lake
Elk City Lake Trailz (In Kansas where FlatRock is)
Heyburn Lake Shepherd trailz
Holland Hall trailz (where Hope Rains 5k is--private)
Honor Heights Park
Keystone State Park
*Trailz in the park
*Mountain Bike trailz
*River trailz
Lake Carl Blackwell
Lake Hefner
Lake Murray
Lake Texhoma
Lubell Park
Lynn Lane Resevoir
*west trailz (where race is)
*east trailz
*Lake Yahola Loop
*West Trailz
*Oxley area
*Centennial Trail
*Redbud campground
Osage Hills State Park
*Old trailz in park
*Mountain bike trailz
Ouachita Mountains
*Old Military/Boardstand/Ouachita Loop
*Horsethief Trail
*Billy Creek Trail
*Cedar Lake
Post Oak
*Near the lodge
*Botanical gardens
Pumpkin Holler
*Perimeter race course
*within the Nickel Preserve
Robbers Cave
Sahoma Lake
Sparrow Hawk
Three Forks Trail
Thunderbird Lake
Turkey Mountain
*Yellow Trail
*Snake Trail
*Hill Route
Whispering Pines
Wichita Mts/Mount Scott

Arkansas Trailz
Athens/Big Fork
Beech Creek
Devil's Den
Eagle Rock Loop
Earthquake Ridge
Fern Hollow Trail
Hobbs State Park
Lake Leatherwood Trailz
Lake Ouachita Vista Trail
Lake Weddington
Little Blakely Trail
Little Missouri Trail
Mt Magazine
Mt Nebo
Ozark Highland Trail
Ouachita Trail
Ridgeline Trailz
Syllamo Trail
Womble Trail

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