Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Night Crawlers @ Lubell Park

As promised, the Tuesday Night Crawlers tried out some new trailz tonight. Lubell Park in west Tulsa was the place--a park so obscure that even people who live a mile away don't even know about it.But now there are there are around ten people in the world who know, thanks in part to the six friends who joined me this evening for some trail romping.
Stormy, Wes, Arena, Simone, Cassy, and Susan (who took this picture) ran around four miles through the woods and across the fields. This is a compact area, and you can get just about every off-road terrain to trod on. Flats, hills, soft dirt trailz, rocks, grassy fields, fallen trees, ticks, and chiggers.

A solid mile of the trailz are wide, soft, and curbed by landscape timbers. This is trail running 101.

Wider jeep roads across the end of the hill make for a faster pace, and the view of southwest Tulsa is impressive.

I did mention fallen trees. Of course, this did not slow us down.

Heading back north toward where we parked, we entered a wetland area, maintained either by the nearby school, or a boy scout troop. We lingered here while Cassy's dog swam and drank in the water, and Stormy played on the playground equipment.
We finished our run with a run through the neighborhood to tack on a few more hills. This was a fun night--a short run, but those are good too.

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