Friday, February 17, 2012

Sniffed out another one

My trail-sniffing nose aided by my geocaching addiction has discovered another short-run possibility right in the Tulsa city limits.The place--Plaza Tract. Where the heck is that, you ask?? about 15th and 145th E Ave--east Tulsa.

It was an easy geocache to find, despite it being rated as a bit testy. (Per a self imposed rule--I will not photograph the precise location of geocaches--this pic is a grab from Google. This find required a walk in the woods and you guessed it--there were trailz!!!

For the most part they were not too hard to follow, although there were a few briers encroaching the passage.


My attempt at an artsy pic.

Continuing on, I found a lot of odd things, like this old well. I burned about 6 quarters making wishes, and I don't think they're panning out. :-(

There were several trees in the wild decorated--like the gnomes had a Christmas celebration, and had not taken the decorations down. (Or is it Christmas all year long if you're a gnome?)

After getting through the thicket, the trailz got wider. Mowed swatches and double track. Decent. I followed the maze turning left, right, right, left, left, etc. I was trying to see how big this plot of land was.

More odd sights--maybe a squatters homestead?

I ended up with ~ 3 miles, and did not cover all of the jeep type roads.

Upon getting on to blog, I Google-mapped it, and here's the image. The park is on the right--the white outline is a chat running trail around the small park. To the left is where the fun begins. You can vaguely see some of the jeep roads in the clearing, and all trailz in the woods are single track. This is a good place for a mid-week 3-4 miler. Might be a little boring for a long run. Only one geocache in the park area.

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