Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mohawk at the Oxley

We ran at Mohawk last night--we, being the Tuesday Night Crawlers. There are really 3 off-road possibilities at Mohawk--Lake Yahola, the North Trailz, and the Oxley trailz, which is where we ran.And a good crowd--mostly the usuals showed up far an evening scamper. New--was Josh pictured on the right.

These are nice flat soft, non/technical trailz which wind around to and fro--like you might imagine a hungry coyote might. There are few rocks, and few roots, but there ARE a few stumps to trip you up, as was evidenced by the video below.

I could not have filmed it better.

Some of the trailz are chat--but not a lot.

There are actually quite a few wooden bridges--gotta get across the swamp somehow.

Alligators on the right??

Loose your footing, you better err to the left.

I swear I heard one gator say to his buddy something about that runner being bite-size.

The shadows lengthen, and the day resigns. It's just another day in the swamp.

This was our last run here for a while--not that it is not an awesome place to run, but there are more trailz to be ran elsewhere. We'll be back here though, I am sure.

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