Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jimmy DeJarnette

After the City Counsel meeting, it seems that the councilman for the area, the Mayor of Tulsa, and River Parks are all in agreement that this "amusement park" NOT be located on Turkey Mountain.Jimmy De Jarnette, the out-of-state real estate developer, has a vision that his brainchild be located on our hallowed grounds. "If I build it, they will come." Never mind that our playground and trees will be bulldozed, and 80+ acres paved. Dude--don't have the audacity to say 99% of the trails will be undisturbed. You're taking 1%? 1/4 mile maybe? Really? I don't believe that's possible. It's stupid to even say that. Having the eyesore and noise within sight of what is an escape into the wild is as bad as paving the hill.
No, we are not amused. Evidence of that was shown at the city counsel meeting, and I am sure there will be a continual opposition from users of the park, as well as from area residents--and I am one.When I want to see overpriced rides and carnies, I'll go to the state fair. Haven't been in years.

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